The Best and Safest Places to Have Public Sex

The Best and Safest Places to Have Public Sex

Rule 1, never do anything around children. It is not kinky for children to accidentally see adults having sex in public. That is just disturbing behavior.  

With that said…

Use your webcam.  This is as public as it gets, while still being totally safe.  You can do whatever you like on webcam, while people watch, chat, and consent to what they are watching.  Although some would argue this isn’t public, the footage can be saved and shared all over the world for as long as the internet exists.  It’s pretty public in our opinion!

Visit a swingers club!  Another great place to openly be able to have intercourse with your partner is at a sex club, or swingers club.  And no, you do not have to swap or share your partner with others, although that’s an option if you like.  Sometimes sex happens out in the open, and sometimes there are special rooms where you can have sex with your partner or others, while people can watch or join in (by entering the room or looking through windows set up to display the room).  

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