Sex Toy Review: Devil Eye – Triple Vibrator

Sex Toy Review:  Devil Eye – Triple Vibrator

When I first pulled the Devil Eye Triple Vibrator out the box, I couldn’t figure out how I was going to eat with this thing.  I also couldn’t figure out why I had ordered a fork so oddly shaped.   And then I realized, wait, this isn’t a fork, this is my new best friend!

Paloqueth is quickly becoming one of the best Sex Toy makers in the industry.  Not only do they have great designs, but in our opinion, they have some of the highest quality products for the most affordable prices in the sex toy industry. 

So let me talk about my experience.  As always, every review we do, we try to incorporate the sex toy into a couples’ experience.  You can probably get a better review from experienced sex toy reviewers out there, regarding what an item is made from or how long the battery lasts.  For me, I don’t care what it’s made from, and as long as it lasts long enough for me to orgasm, I’m good!

I started off the night with a few drinks and Ryan’s dick in my mouth.  In fact, most of the time I use any toy that I insert into my body, I prefer to have Ryan in my mouth.  It helps me get turned on, it makes my orgasms more enjoyable, and it is truly a comfort thing.  Much like a young child sucks on a pacifier to relax.  I love gnawing on Ryan’s soft dick.  Ryan usually doesn’t get erect until I start breathing heavy, gnaw and suck harder, moments before my orgasm releases.  This is perfect for me.  While he waits, he plays with my nipples and rubs my body down.  When I do orgasm, he will shove his whole shaft down my throat.  This causes me to not be able to breath, which makes my orgasm much more intense.  An actual safe way to enjoy erotic asphyxiation.  

The Devil Eye Triple Vibrator will tickle both my holes, my clit, and I’ll have a dick in my throat.  In some worlds they call that airtight.  In my world, I call that a perfect evening with my husband!

The item worked as intended, with the results as intended.  It feels amazing, it can vibrate your little bean until it’s numb, or it can perfectly stimulate you until you have your release.  On insertion, the vibrator is soft and almost feels like a plump semi erect penis, rather than a hard piece of plastic.  For the record, I hate dildos, hate toys that have to be inserted, and usually only use a vibrator to massage my clit.  Usually during sex.  With that said, having something inside me while I toy my clit, always gives me better orgasms.  This sex toy provides that experience.  Great sex toy, great experience, great price.

More Information and Price: $37.99

Devil Eye – Triple Vibrator

Website product Description:

  • Dual Density Silicone- PALOQUETH G-spot vibrator is made from velvety soft, hypoallergenic silicone that is incredibly gentle even on sensitive skin.
  • Curved head stimulation -The curved head which makes it ideal for finding sensitive spots that are tricky to reach. It will bring you to a very wet climax in a relatively short time.
  • 7 vibration Modes- PALOQUETH vibrator is helped by a strong motor with seven patterns, the variety of vibration strength is unbelievable. They’re guaranteed to send chills up your spine and cause your toes to tingle.
  • IPX7 Waterproof- PALOQUETH stimulator is fully waterproof, you can use it in the bath or shower, delivering wave after wave of pleasure any time you choose. No fear of getting any of the electronics wet.
  • Magnetic USB Charging – PALOQUETH g-spot vibrator is rechargeable, so you will never need to replace batteries. Simply plug it into any USB port to recharge with the included cord.

We are not affiliated with Paloqueth and get no revenue from this review.  Our goal isn’t to make money promoting things in hopes you buy it, rather we are just sharing our reviews on products we have tried and want to share with our readers. This item was sent to us as a promotional product under the terms and condition that if we did not enjoy the product, we are not obligated to write or publish a review.   All reviews are just our opinions and experiences.

Detailed anatomy of the clitoris finally added to an OB/GYN textbook for the first time!

Detailed anatomy of the clitoris added to an OB/GYN textbook for the first time in July 2019.

We’ve gone over in depth details of a woman’s anatomy a lot on our blog, but thankfully, medical textbooks have now added a more detailed illustration of a woman’s clitoris.  Finally the doctors listen.  

It’s good to know that when it comes to our vaginas, especially our clitoris, doctors are being taught more thoroughly.  

This just in, our views from medical schools all over the country have now dropped tenfold, as medical students no longer have to use sex blogs to learn more about the female anatomy!  Oh gosh!

Sex Talk: I’d rather masturbate with my vibrator than have sex with my husband

Let’s Talk About Sex:  I’d rather masturbate with my vibrator than have sex with my husband.

Rather than questions, sometimes we see various comments and quotes that tend to spark other thoughts and ideas.  Sometimes peoples’ thoughts or attitudes towards sex can lead to interesting sexual discussions.  So let’s talk about sex…

My significant other (20 year old male) and I (19 year old female) have been together for about 4 years and lately I’ve noticed I’d rather masturbate than have sex with him. Sex has become a chore, it’s always the same thing; always 2-3 minutes long, same moves, and same dirty talk (if there even is any) and never any orgasms for me. (I promise I’ve tried to get him to try different things and give him suggestions and it always goes back to the same mundane routine.) There are other issues too, like how he keeps track of how often we have sex to make sure we’re having enough and I feel guilty if I say no to him. These things have just sucked the life out of our sexual relationship and I’m starting to have a better relationship with my vibrator.

Here is an extremely common problem in relationships.  Men that count the amount of times that they have sex and women who are bored.  This is something we have dealt with in our own relationship as well.  This is also why we created Our Circle.   This is what happens when one partner finds ways to not have sex, while the other looks for opportunities.  

So let’s ask ourselves a few questions:

Do we find creative ways to hold each others’ hand?  Maybe try interlocking our fingers in reverse while trying to snap at the same time?  

Do we find creative ways to kiss?  Maybe lick each others eyeballs or nostril holes to add variety?

Do we find creative ways to sit on the couch together watching movies?   Maybe one of us will sit upside down while the other does cartwheels to make our time together more exciting?

Do you find creative new ways to tell him about your day?  Or talk to him?  Maybe just an alien abduction story to your work day?

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Have You Ever Recorded Yourself Having Sex and… DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY

Have You Ever Recorded Yourself Having Sex and…


I have this huge mirror in my bedroom (like a full wall because the mirror is actually on the closet’s doors) and the first time I looked at it having sex it was horrible. It felt completely ridiculous, like two chicken nuggets rubbing each other while missionary position. From that day on, I avoid looking.

So you and your girlfriend are getting hot and heavy.  You look over at the side of the bed and see your phone laying there.  She smiles up at you as she sees you look at it.  She motions for you to grab it.  You pick it up and she makes the prettiest face possible, as you hit the record button.  She reaches up and grabs the phone and lays it over to the side so you can continue making the greatest sex video that ever existed. 

After 25 minutes of pure piston action while she moans for you like the whole world is watching.  Slowly, your body goes weak, and you feel the urge to release.  You want to pull out to show the camera the next Peter North, but you just don’t have the strength or time.  You try to stay upright so you can show your hips and ass muscles pumping inside your partner, but your muscles keep giving out.   It won’t matter, this is going to be the greatest cumshot ever.   You’re sweaty.  Your worn out.  And now your phone has video footage of the absolute perfect sex.  The holy grail of amateur porn.

A few moments later, after showering, you and your girl lay down together and click on the video clip in your phone.  As the video starts, you start noticing a few back pimples you didn’t know existed, a spare tired around your lower back, and your penis isn’t quite the same size as it is when you are staring down on it.  Did someone swap your footage with an ugly couple that has no idea what they are doing?   Your girls moans sound more like a wounded seal when listening back.   What the hell?

You decide to fast forward to the greatest cumshot ever and let your girl see why she calls you Daddy.  As you skip forward past 25 minutes of footage you finally get to that moment.  You hold it up to your girl and both see what appears to be a Air Tube Dancing and following all over the place.  Like an uncoordinated new born deer trying to walk for the first time.  And wait, you are drooling on her back too?


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