Freaky Search Terms – Your Freaky Questions Answered

ffst-300x200Freaky search terms, where we post our most outrageous search terms that people used to find our website.  Ryan and I will then share our own thoughts and hopefully entertain you guys or at least make the search term make a little less sense.

Each search term was gathered by wordpress and/or google statistics and they are all very real search terms.   Each search term was used by some person in the world that ended up on our page.

10. how much can you swallow deepthroating
Venice: As much as your stomach can hold.  I don’t think a human male can have more semen in his body than a woman’s stomach can hold, even if she has a gastric band in place.
Ryan:  So, you’re saying maybe a robot from the future could possibly reach your limits?
Venice: No that wasn’t what I was saying at all.

9. does porn stars pussy be sore after fucking
Venice: That would depend on if you’re talking Houston 500.  I believe she fucked 600+ men in a day.  I’d say yes.
Ryan: I think porn star vaginas are made of titanium and they feel absolutely zero pain or soreness.  Their vaginas are immune to anything other humans feel.
Venice: So you finally got around to watching the Terminator DVD set I got you for Christmas huh?
Ryan: Yea, how did you know?
Venice: Just a hunch.

8. can a butt plug be in a females butt at the same time shes getting fuck doggy style
Venice: Yes.
Ryan: Depends on if she is a cyborg from the fut…
Venice: Stop…horse… dead…quit.
Ryan: Oh, I know what killed the horse.  It has to do with aliens coming back from future and doing experiments…
Venice: Ugh.

7. can you keep him balls deep while he is cumming in your throught
Venice: My throat?  Yes.  My throught? I have no idea.

6. i eat my own cum, is that wrong?
Ryan: No.  You can eat whatever you want, it’s not poison, bad for you, or unhealthy.  Who cares what anyone else thinks, if you eat your own cum, enjoy being a cum guzzling sperm goblin.

5. can a woman cum when she is anal fucked
Venice: Yes.  My best orgasms occurred while being anal fucked. Although I also had stimulation on my clitoris.  As I orgasm, I want to feel intense pressure, maybe even pain.  The pressure, intensity and pain amplifies my orgasm.  Imagine as a guy, you squeezing your cock hard while you orgasm or pulling back hard on the skin your shaft feels like it is going to burst through your skin.  That’s the pressure women enjoy during orgasms as well.  It’s when we want to be fucked as hard as you can possibly fuck us, because it amplifies our orgasm.  I like being choked, not breathing, and fucked hard during my orgasm.  Anal gives me the pressure I love the most.  As soon as I am done orgasming though, I want you to stop.

4. can you swallow cum during deepthroat
Venice: It’s not swallowing because you bypass that function. Imagine being tube fed.  There is no need to swallow because the semen is ejaculated directly into the stomach.  As the penis goes down the throat, it closes off the windpipe so I cannot breath at all.  This is also how a woman will know she isn’t in danger of breathing in sperm or it isn’t going down the wrong pipe.  I’ve never had a single problem with a penis being all the way down my throat and not pulling out until it’s finished cumming.  Other than feeling the shaft twitch in my throat and mouth, I feel or taste nothing.

3. can a woman feel a man cum in her ass
Venice:  Yes.  The penis twitches, the urethra tube spasms, and we can feel all this while a man orgasms.   

2. can you make a girl cum by cumming inside her
It’s possible.  There have been times when Ryan has came inside me and after he orgasms, my cervix starts to spasm as well.  I am unsure if it is a chemical reaction to the semen, but I have had small orgasms immediately after I have been came in.  It’s very weird, but it has happened.

1. can i put a hard dick into a strap on
If your penis is tiny, for sure.

Usually we stop at number 1, but because we have officially switched Freaky Friday Search Terms to Freaky Search Terms (no, it’s not Friday ), we will keep going and answer all of the freaky search term questions we’ve received in the last few days.   Google has now blocked most of their search terms as unknown, so unfortunately, a lot of questions and search terms get lost now.

does a man feel if woman wears butt plug
Ryan: Yes.  The pussy is extra tight and the dick has to fight for room in her body.  The plug in her ass expands into her vagina’s space.   If you pull all the way out, you can literally feel the plug shape in her vagina each time you slide your dick back into her.

does sperm make a womans ass grow big
Venice: No. Every woman would look like Kim Kardasian if that was true.

what happens to cum when it’s left in the bum
Ryan: The body absorbs it, the same as it would medication that is administered rectally.
Venice: Slip and slide.

will she put on size if i ejaculate in her anus
Venice: I’d be the size of the Jupiter.
Ryan: Easily.

can a man cum in a womans ass
Ryan: Yes.
Venice: Always.

can you ejeculate into the colon
Venice: Yes.
Ryan: Deep.

double blowjob feeling
Ryan: Good.
Venice: Fun.

women that like cum in their ass
Ryan: Smart.
Venice: Sexy.

how to wash clothes
Venice: Wtf?
Ryan: Wtf?

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Freaky Search Terms – Your Freaky Questions Answered

I love these!

how to old towels after a wash?


Hard to believe that these people asked these questions. But i guess that is what makes the world go around. oh i got one for you guys. If I plant a few watermelon seeds in a vagina, when can I expect a crop. lol oh that was a joke but i think you knew that

Thanks for sharing. I read many of your blog posts, cool, your blog is very good.