A Total ‘How To’ Woman’s Guide To Licking Your Man’s Ass

A Total ‘How To” Woman’s Guide To Licking Your Man’s Ass

My First Time

I will go over my first experience with eating my man’s ass, which at the time I didn’t even know girls did to guys. I did a photo shoot with my husband back in 2013, labeled “Naughty Girl“, which we tried to articulate the beauty of rimming.   This blog will have other pictures from that photo shoot that we have never previously shared.  This blog will be a total ‘how to’ woman’s guide to licking your man’s ass.

So let’s get naughty… Woman’s Guide To Licking Your Man’s Ass

One night, my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I was talking on the phone.  He was away in college and we were talking about things we wanted to try over Christmas break.  To be honest, long distance and talking over the phone helped us more than anything ever could.  When we were together physically, we tended to shut down our line of communication, and just act and react.  We talked, but it wasn’t necessarily deep. We kiss, say cute things, fuck, then go about our day like everything is perfect.  No real communication. I do believe, that had we not had time apart, it would have took much longer for him to communicate that he had a desire to have his ass licked.  This was over 20 years ago, so it wasn’t a common thing.  In fact, it wasn’t anything I had heard a girl did to her man.   Just totally unexplored territory.  In hindsight, I thought giving a rim job was a joke about gay sex, because I had always heard the term “tossing salad“, but never thought it was a real thing.

Tossing Salad Woman’s Guide To Licking Your Man’s Ass

This actually originated on an HBO documentary called “Prisoners of the War on Drugs” produced in 1996. In the film, there’s a segment called “Tossed Salad man” who describes to a reporter one of the ways another prisoner might pay for drugs or pay off a drug debt. It involves having the person apply some jelly from a jelly packet to his ass hole and then sucking his asshole like it was a pussy, while he jacked off…

We’ve also heard, they can apply salad dressing from a salad packet.  Anything to change the flavor. 

It gets into A LOT more detail than that, as well as a few other “methods of payment” they practiced inside the prison…

The same year, the comedian Chris Rock, having seen the film, worked the term into his stand-up comedy routine. It has been heard in other places since, including movies like Me, Myself and Irene, when Jim Carey is viewing the Chris Rock comedy special on TV…

Here is a clip of the original HBO film:

Okay, so now you know where I had to take my mind to.  A dark place.  I had to prepare myself for prison life.  A live or die mind-set here.  Just a young girl trying to survive…

It didn’t matter.  I was newly in love and nothing would have intimidated me.  I would have agreed to try anything, if he had brought it up.  I was ready to toss his salad, no jelly or salad dressing needed.

During Christmas break, he was staying with me at my house.  My mom would leave for work each day so this is when I would go downstairs and explore all the things a girl will explore when her boyfriend is living with her.  Oral sex, cum shots, having sex 13 times in a day.  You know, the things we do when we are allowed to actually have our boyfriend live with us!

As Christmas break neared an end, he got up the nerve to say to me, in a nervous shaky voice, “Do you want to try to lick me down there?”  

Shocked, I asked, “Do you want another blow job?”   I had no idea.

He didn’t make eye contact and responded, “No, my ass.”

My heart dropped.  Not because it was gross or because I wouldn’t do it.  But because for the first time, I was going to face something sexually that I hadn’t thought about 100 times.  I had thought about giving a blow job for the first time.  I had thought about a guy going down on me for the first time.  I had thought about having a guy on top of me as he pushes his penis inside my body.  I had even stuck things in myself to see what it would feel like.  So when my boyfriend and I were together sexually, nothing intimidated me.  I had already done it in my head so many times, it felt natural.  And I loved the thought of it, so it felt right.  But this?  Licking his asshole?  I had never thought of doing that to anyone.  Not once, in all my teenage years, did I sit in bed late at night and imagine myself putting my face down on a man’s ass, and sticking my tongue out to taste his butt hole.  No way.

This may be hard to relate to, because these days anal play and rim jobs are much more common.  Porn and quick access to any type of fetish, is just a click away.  But back then?  Unheard of.  More woman’s guide to licking your man’s ass below.

Still, I played it cool.  I lead him into the downstairs room and bent him over a day bed we had against the wall.  Without saying anything, I slid his shorts down.  This is probably the most unromantic story ever.  We had just gotten out of the shower, so I knew he would be clean.  Much like two young kids exploring their privates for the first time.  I had my boyfriend’s ass exposed, with his shorts around his ankles, bending down on the bed in front of me.  I got down to my knees behind him and spread his butt cheeks.  I remember saying, “It looks like a balloon knot.”  We both started laughing.   I could see his face turning bright red, embarrassed, and still totally exposed to me.  I leaned forward and barely stuck the tip of my tongue on the rim of his anus.  I think I was down there for about 2 or 3 seconds licking his rim when he pushed away from me and said, “Okay that’s enough!”  He was embarrassed, but totally satisfied and happy.  He didn’t really want to feel the sensation, or hadn’t really came up with a kinky fantasy regarding getting his ass licked, he just was really turned on that I would do that for him.  He felt loved.  He knew he had a girl who would do anything for him.  And I knew I had a man I’d do anything for.  It was so silly, so innocent, and yet, something I never thought I would do to another person.  The nerves made me feel so good inside.  Like I was naughty.

A Woman’s How To Guide To Licking Your Man’s Ass And Giving Him The Perfect Rim Job

With Cosmo and Playboy embracing the ass eating culture, it is now just a part of our everyday sex lives.  With that being the case, we will take the beginner’s guides much more in depth than it has ever been done before.  

Make sure he is clean.  I’ve heard that some women will not tell their men about going down on them, but will wait until they are out of the shower.  I would advise against this.  Simply because you want to give him a chance to clean himself thoroughly.  A shower alone, with a quick scrub and rub, may not make him totally comfortable.  Allowing him to thoroughly rinse that area would assure him he is totally clean.  If anything is going to ruin that moment, it’s going to be him being self conscious, and you smelling more than you bargain for.  Give him a chance to clean properly by at least letting him know that you want to give him a rim job.  This isn’t necessary, but again, we are preparing for a perfect rim job.

Trimming and shaving.  It is not necessary for him to shave or trim, but talk with him about the idea and see if he how he feels about it.  It may help him be less self conscious. It may help you ease into enjoying sticking your face deep in a man’s ass.   For me, in the first 20 years of my marriage, I needed it trimmed or shaved.  In fact, I don’t know if I could have ever enjoyed it with my young inexperienced mind, had it been hairy or had excessive hair.   Now?  I love it.  I can deal with his hair, because I want him to be all natural.  My kinks have changed, my ideas of a man has changed, and hair is sexy as hell.  So if you already have that mind set, then ignore this step and let your man’s ass be all natural!

How does it feel?  Simple.  Make a tight fist.  See where your index finger is clenched making a tiny circle shape?  Slowly stick your tongue in the middle of that clench and that is exactly how his anus will feel on your tongue.  Other than it being slightly moist and warm, it has the same texture.  You will also clearly feel his circle rim around the hole.  You can focus on licking the edges of this rim until you are comfortable penetrating him.  Much like how you like your vagina licked, you can do the same wit his anus.  

How does it smell?  If he is properly cleaned, it will smell like the back of your palm.  If he is a bit musty, it will smell slightly sour, maybe a bit like sweat and his natural body oils.  The warmth can make it a bit sweaty if you wait hours after a shower to go down on him.

  • Big hint I have never seen published:   Make sure his anus and taint area are totally dry.  Do not go down on him if he is still moist from the shower.  I have learned that that little bit of moisture and wet body oils is the last of any possible slight odor in that skin area, once cleaned.  However, if totally dry, his ass will be pleasant and have no noticeable odor.  This is my experience.  Something about the skin and the heat of his taint and ass, with light moisture, can sometimes retain a mild sour smell.  Probably a body oil thing.  At least this is my experience.  However, when it’s totally dry, that phenomenon doesn’t seem to exist.
  • As soon as contact with your tongue to his anus is made, you are more likely to smell your breath and saliva than his actual body.  Men already know this from years of oral sex.  If you brush your teeth or use mouth wash prior to oral sex, after a few licks, his body will smell like your tongue.   So if your breath isn’t fresh, his ass won’t be either.

For me, I have never smelled feces or anything of that sort.   Personally, I’ve learned that the anus smells like my breath.  Same for blow jobs.  As soon as you put your mouth on his anus, it will smell like toothpaste.  If you didn’t brush, it will smell like your breath.  So brush your teeth and use mouthwash!   It will make his ass totally fresh.  I’ve heard it slightly tingles, but doesn’t burn.

Positions   Woman’s Guide To Licking Your Man’s Ass

  • On his back with his legs up.  This position is extremely limited because you have to lift his legs up and tuck your head down against the bed.  This is probably the go to position for all first timers, but some men would rather just be flipped over and taken.  This position can also be slightly emasculating so be careful the position you choose.
  • On his stomach with his ass up.  This is a great position.  He can grind his penis against the bed.  You can lift up at his hips and bring him closer to you.  And you can use your hands to really spread his cheeks when you decide to deep dive in his rim.   This position can also be slightly emasculating but not as much as lifting his legs up to his shoulders on his back.  
  • Sitting on the couch with his ass hanging over the edge.   You can sit below him, faced in the same direction as him, or faced toward him.  Either way, this is a way for you to get the exact same angle, except he doesn’t have to lift his leg up.  This is a bit less emasculating and more comfortable because rather than your face against the bed, you have the height of the couch to work with while eating him out.  Your nose will be deep up his crack, so make sure you are extremely comfortable with the person, his cleanliness, and enjoy his smells.
  • Sitting on your face.  There is nothing emasculating about this one.  He is sitting on your face rubbing his ass on you.  Although you will be limited, it’s a great position to totally be submissive to his desires.  If you want to get reciprocation, sit up slightly and push his body forward so he falls face first into your vagina.  This is like 69ing, except your mouth is on his anus.  You can also use your chin to put pressure on his taint/guiche if you understand the anatomy.   You can reach around and stroke his dick and feel him cum on your chest and stomach if you want.  Or he can  stroke his own dick while you eat him out.
  • Standing over you.  This is a great position that gives you more freedom to move.  Sit on the floor with your back on the edge of the bed.  Let him stand over you.  He can be faced forward or backward, it won’t matter.  You can suck his dick and move him back and forth so you can eat his ass, suck his balls, and lick his taint whenever you need a break from his dick.  Or you can have him turned away from you and eat his ass and suck his balls.
  • Stand him up and hold him against the wall.  This is a great way to let him enjoy your tongue deep in his ass.  And if you decide to do it in the shower, even better!

Techniques Woman’s Guide To Licking Your  Man’s Ass

  • Circle his rim.  Start off slowly circling his rim and letting him feel you explore him.  You can be sensual and slow, especially at this stage.  In the beginning, the tip of your tongue will feel like the greatest thing in the world to him.   As it gets more intense, you will have to up the pressure.
  • Just the tip.  Play with the actual soft hole that is in the center of his rim.  This will make you feel extremely naughty and he will react.  This will bring him into another stage of the rim job, where he will need more pressure and attention.  However, the slight penetrations of just the tip of your tongue, will change the mood…in a good way.
  • Lick it like an ice cream cone.  As he moans and squirms, lick his ass like how a dog licks your face.  The more you flatten your tongue and put pressure, the more surface area your tongue will touch, the more sensation he will feel.  If you lick hard, he will know you are enthused and enjoying yourself.  If you are timid and lick soft, he may get self conscious and assume something is wrong.  This is extremely important.  A lot of women want to go down and be sensual, which is okay.  But if his body language is moving and squirming, put more pressure into his anus area.  Not to mention, right above his anus towards his balls, is the g spot for a man.  His taint.  The more pressure you put on his taint/guiche, the more endorphins will shoot through his body and send him into overdrive.  Some men may not even know this spot exists.  
  • Penetration.  It’s always good to penetrate.  Whether the beginning when you are going slow, or when you are putting pressure and making sure he feels your enthusiasm.  However, if you see him reach for his dick, you can choose to push his hand away, to edge him and keep him from masturbating.  You can masturbate him yourself (if you are coordinated, this is actually harder than it sounds).  Or you can let him stroke himself.  If he strokes himself, he may just want to finish.  If that’s the body language you are reading, then push your tongue in him as deep as possible.  Reach for his prostate from the inside with your tongue.  This will make his orgasm the greatest thing he has ever experienced.  If you feel him on the edge, but not quite there yet, move your tongue in and out, exactly as if your tongue was a penis.  Fuck his ass.
  • It’s okay to spit.  Unlike with the idea of “do you spit or swallow”, with a rim job, spitting creates a naughty and dirty atmosphere. It’s okay to spit on his ass.  It’s nasty, he’ll feel the wind of your mouth and saliva splash against him.   If you really want to top him off, put your mouth on his dick while he cums, then spit his cum onto his own anus  But don’t leave him messy.  Use his cum as lubrication to better slide your tongue in and out of his body.  And before you finished using him, make sure you clean up and swallow the mess you’ve made.  You are almost guaranteed that this will be the first time he has ever had semen in his ass.  Even if its his own, it will make him feel kinky and sexy.  So you’ve eating ass for the first time, and he has had semen in his ass for the first time.  Game changer.  Rest assure, if he is letting you eat his ass, chances are, anything goes down there and he will love it.
  • The bonus moves.   There are other things you can do if you feel like you can handle it, that will change his life forever. 
    • Suck on his entire rim.   Pull his whole rim into your mouth like you are giving it a hickey.  This is high level rim job techniques and your mind may not be ready to do this type of thing on your first time down on him.  It’s unforgiving and when you are done, you will know that you had a man’s ass in your mouth forever.  
    • Sniff his ass audibly.  This will drive him wild and blow his mind.  Nicely sneaking a sniff is one thing, but loudly sticking your nose in his anus and sniffing so he can hear you, will change his mind about you forever.  Not only did you lick his ass, but you worshipped it and made sure you showed him how much you don’t give a fuck.  You go girl.
    • Finger him.  Again, this is advanced rimming, so make sure you know what you are getting into.   This is how you will find the sweet spots of all sweet spots.  If you know what you are doing, you can lick his ass and taint, while sliding a finger inside him.  You can also suck his dick while doing this technique.  Put your finger about 2 or 3 inches inside him and feel for a small little soft button.  The world is yours.  Gently rub it, and I mean gently.  This is the mechanism that triggers every orgasm he has ever had, he just doesn’t know it.  
    • Rub your face in it.  After he cums, before he cums, or whenever you’d like to change his world forever.  Grab his ass cheeks and rub your entire face up and down his crack and anus.  Let his balls and dick rub against your face, let your nose, forehead, and chin rub against his ass.  This is total body worship and the ultimate complement during a rim job.   Him seeing you with spit, semen, and just a mess all over your face when you are done, is much like him seeing you get a facial.  Trust me, he will love it.

Here’s a really good story of another girl’s first time that inspired my article in how to lick a man’s ass perfectly, or give him a perfect rim job.

Rim jobs. Straight girls do not talk about licking a man’s ass—getting our asses licked is okay, but giving a rim job, not so much—or so I thought. I have one obviously non-vanilla friend who flies her freak flag differently than I do. I love this about her. I feel like I can ask her anything and get no judgement. One day, while driving, we had a conversation about rim jobs. (Did you know that young children often feel more comfortable talking when they don’t have to maintain eye contact? They do. It’s called “parallel play” and I think our “parallel conversation” made it easy for me to ask her about rim jobs.)

First, though, I have to say that I was embarrassed to have this conversation for two reasons. First, I want my friend to think I’m cool and it’s embarrassing to be all like, “Hey, how do you lick a man’s asshole?” And secondly, I was like, “Is she going to think I am weird?” And I was feeling this way about a friend who routinely discusses fisting, golden showers, etc.

But sitting side by side, not making eye contact, I worked up the nerve to say this to her: “My man wants a rim job.” We are four years in and he does everything I want but I’ve never done this for him.

And, honestly. I kind of don’t want to. Because he is a man, and he is hairy, and he poops out of the area he wants me to lick.”

Okay, so lot’s of stereotypes coming up, right? But from the media, and my conversations with friends from all spectrums of the rainbow, I would hazard to guess that the average heterosexual male spends the least amount of time on bodily grooming. My girlfriends, bi, straight, cis, not cis and otherwise? They take care of their junk. My man kinda doesn’t. And for the most part, I like that. Except when, you know, I’m contemplating giving him a rim job.

Anyways. Back to the conversation.

My friend laughed, touched my arm in a comforting way, and then said, “Listen, here is what you do. You wait till after he’s just had a shower. You tell him to lie down on his back, you put a pillow under his butt and tell him to bend his knees and let them fall apart, kind of like when you get a gyno exam. Then you puppy lick his hole—that’s a big flat, wet tongue, no pointy tongue pressure!—and then you go from there.”

“What is it going to taste and smell like?” I asked.

“Depending on his level of cleanliness it will be kind of sour,” my friend said, “but it won’t be gross.”

Then she challenged me to do it. I never back down from a dare.

It took two weeks. Also I didn’t tell my man. I didn’t want to feel pressure or to build up his expectations. But one day, after he had a shower, I did what she told me to do. Under his butt went the pillow. Open went his legs. Down I went. And it was awesome. And it was totally tender, if you can believe that, and he was in heaven, moaning and touching himself. I was down there for a full fiften minutes. And my face was soaked from eyebrow to chin. And he felt so loved and I felt so loving. And, fuck, was it ever a turn on!

So my advice to girls who are thinking about giving their guys a rim job. Try it! Hope this advice is helpful to other scaredy pants who are wondering if they should try a giving their man a rim job. I tried it! I loved it!

Great story!   She definitely did it the right way!  And what is more beautiful than this, “he felt so loved and I felt so loving.”   That’s exactly what you will feel when you are done licking your man’s ass for the first time.  That is a promise!

Woman’s Guide To Licking Your Man’s Ass

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Just saw this link posted on another site and I have to say, this is the best article I have ever seen on anilingus. Jesus girl, you went above and beyond! Or should I say, below and beyond?

I will be eating my mans ass tonight thanks to this article.

World changer for most of us girls. Fellas, get ready to put your legs behind your ears so the few of us true ones can get to work! LOL

Soo my fiancé surprised me today with this, it wasn’t like he asked me or we had a little talk before just when I was giving him a blowjob he just suggestively pushing my head a little, at first I was thinking okay he want me to suck his balls but after another gentle pushes on my head I understood he wanted me to go lower, I did that with shock, of course I didn’t want him to see it makes me feel weird cause we never talked about it etc so it would make him feel bad or ashamed, but now when I’m alone at apartment I don’t know what to think, I’m shocked, don’t know how to feel about it and I’m a pretty well known from my hysterical bacteriophobia.
I’m not judging anyone, I know that it might give someone real satisfaction and pleasure but I don’t know how to feel about it, probably because I have never thought that I would do that to anyone, I know him for 5 years and he never had said anythin it, or what
Is it normal I feel weird with it? I don’t even kno what to think I’m sitting here, hav some tears behind me and now he asked me in text if I’m okay if it wasn’t too much etc and i cannot even open this message cause I don’t know what to tell him

Sorry to hear that you had an experience that you aren’t so sure about. Definitely should make sure you are ready to do this to your boyfriend or at least talk about it prior.

It is normal anytime you try something you are not so sure about you may feel a bit weird afterward. The first time I had sex I felt weird. The first time I sucked on a penis I felt weird. The first time I swallowed I didn’t know if I would get pregnant or if it was even safe. Google, “Is it safe to swallow cum” and you’ll see 1000s upon 1000s of results of people that are unsure and feeling weird about even swallowing semen. So I’d say it’s normal to feel weird. But that’s the beauty of blogs and sex education. Maybe after reading our article you won’t feel as weird anymore. It’s extremely common now for couples to lick each other all over, including your back side.

Let us know if things have changed and you worked through it.

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