A Gentleman’s Guide To Making Your Ass More Enjoyable For Women To Eat

A Gentleman’s Guide To Making Your Ass More Enjoyable For Women To Eat

My First Time Eating A Man’s Ass

In a previous article about eating ass, we included this experience about my first time going down on a man.  I will share again, because it goes very well with the topic of how a man can make his ass more enjoyable for a woman to eat.    Guide To Licking Your Man’s Ass

One night, my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I was talking on the phone.  He was away in college and we were talking about things we wanted to try over Christmas break.  To be honest, long distance and talking over the phone helped us more than anything ever could.  When we were together physically, we tended to shut down our line of communication, and just act and react.  We talked, but it wasn’t necessarily deep. We kiss, say cute things, fuck, then go about our day like everything is perfect.  No real communication. I do believe, that had we not had time apart, it would have took much longer for him to communicate that he had a desire to have his ass licked.  This was over 20 years ago, so it wasn’t a common thing.  In fact, it wasn’t anything I had heard a girl did to her man.   Just totally unexplored territory.  In hindsight, I thought giving a rim job was a joke about gay sex, because I had always heard the term “tossing salad“, but never thought it was a real thing.

Tossing Salad Woman’s Guide To Licking Your Man’s Ass

This actually originated on an HBO documentary called “Prisoners of the War on Drugs” produced in 1996. In the film, there’s a segment called “Tossed Salad man” who describes to a reporter one of the ways another prisoner might pay for drugs or pay off a drug debt. It involves having the person apply some jelly from a jelly packet to his ass hole and then sucking his asshole like it was a pussy, while he jacked off…

We’ve also heard, they can apply salad dressing from a salad packet.  Anything to change the flavor. 

It gets into A LOT more detail than that, as well as a few other “methods of payment” they practiced inside the prison…

The same year, the comedian Chris Rock, having seen the film, worked the term into his stand-up comedy routine. It has been heard in other places since, including movies like Me, Myself and Irene, when Jim Carey is viewing the Chris Rock comedy special on TV…

Here is a clip of the original HBO film:

Okay, so now you know where I had to take my mind to.  A dark place.  I had to prepare myself for prison life.  A live or die mind-set here.  Just a young girl trying to survive…

It didn’t matter.  I was newly in love and nothing would have intimidated me.  I would have agreed to try anything, if he had brought it up.  I was ready to toss his salad, no jelly or salad dressing needed.

During Christmas break, he was staying with me at my house.  My mom would leave for work each day so this is when I would go downstairs and explore all the things a girl will explore when her boyfriend is living with her.  Oral sex, cum shots, having sex 13 times in a day.  You know, the things we do when we are allowed to actually have our boyfriend live with us!

As Christmas break neared an end, he got up the nerve to say to me, in a nervous shaky voice, “Do you want to try to lick me down there?”  

Shocked, I asked, “Do you want another blow job?”   I had no idea.

He didn’t make eye contact and responded, “No, my ass.”

My heart dropped.  Not because it was gross or because I wouldn’t do it.  But because for the first time, I was going to face something sexually that I hadn’t thought about 100 times.  I had thought about giving a blow job for the first time.  I had thought about a guy going down on me for the first time.  I had thought about having a guy on top of me as he pushes his penis inside my body.  I had even stuck things in myself to see what it would feel like.  So when my boyfriend and I were together sexually, nothing intimidated me.  I had already done it in my head so many times, it felt natural.  And I loved the thought of it, so it felt right.  But this?  Licking his asshole?  I had never thought of doing that to anyone.  Not once, in all my teenage years, did I sit in bed late at night and imagine myself putting my face down on a man’s ass, and sticking my tongue out to taste his butt hole.  No way.

This may be hard to relate to, because these days anal play and rim jobs are much more common.  Porn and quick access to any type of fetish, is just a click away.  But back then?  Unheard of.  More woman’s guide to licking your man’s ass below.

Still, I played it cool.  I lead him into the downstairs room and bent him over a day bed we had against the wall.  Without saying anything, I slid his shorts down.  This is probably the most unromantic story ever.  We had just gotten out of the shower, so I knew he would be clean.  Much like two young kids exploring their privates for the first time.  I had my boyfriend’s ass exposed, with his shorts around his ankles, bending down on the bed in front of me.  I got down to my knees behind him and spread his butt cheeks.  I remember saying, “It looks like a balloon knot.”  We both started laughing.   I could see his face turning bright red, embarrassed, and still totally exposed to me.  I leaned forward and barely stuck the tip of my tongue on the rim of his anus.  I think I was down there for about 2 or 3 seconds licking his rim when he pushed away from me and said, “Okay that’s enough!”  He was embarrassed, but totally satisfied and happy.  He didn’t really want to feel the sensation, or hadn’t really came up with a kinky fantasy regarding getting his ass licked, he just was really turned on that I would do that for him.  He felt loved.  He knew he had a girl who would do anything for him.  And I knew I had a man I’d do anything for.  It was so silly, so innocent, and yet, something I never thought I would do to another person.  The nerves made me feel so good inside.  Like I was naughty.


Given that we’ve reached the peak in ass eating, most men now have no qualms with eating a woman’s ass.  There was a time when discussing if you would even go down on a woman was a topic, but now most men brag about how much they enjoy eating a woman’s ass.  And as this becomes the norm in sex, women want to return the favor.  And this is the new taboo.    Is it okay for a man to get his ass ate and brag about it?  Enjoy it?   Let’s go through the psychology behind having your ass eaten and talk with Charlie Glickman, a sex coach and relationships expert, and author of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure: Erotic Exploration for Men and Their Partners:

One thing people don’t realize is that your pelvic floor reflects your emotional state. That’s where we get the phrase “tight ass” from. The more stressed out you are, the tighter your pelvic floor becomes — in the same way a dog or a cat tucks their tail under when they’re scared. Being present in your ass doesn’t mean you have to try anal play, but it begins with paying attention to that part of your body. Anal stimulation is one way people start doing this, especially because of how much it relaxes the body. We have this cultural attitude that men do and women receive when talking about heterosexual dynamics, so it can be a change of pace for men and their partners to explore that in reverse.

Other guys are worried receiving anal pleasure makes them gay. But it’s who you want to have sex with that defines your orientation, not any particular sex act. From a sexological perspective, anything that people with two different genders do is heterosexual sex. Now, whenever trying something new, it’s always a good idea to start off making it a side dish rather than the main course. Maybe she starts off with a blow job that progressively moves a little further down until it becomes rimming. Or while receiving rimming, your partner can also use their hand on your penis, or you can use your own hand on your penis. Basically make rimming an “add-on,” because it can be more comfortable for a lot of guys if they begin receiving this pleasure when combined with a kind of pleasure they already know.

Either way, try to create as much emotional and physical comfort for yourself as possible. Get into a position that feels good. For some people, that’s lying on their back with a pillow under their hips and raising their knees to their chest. For others, it might mean standing on the floor and bending over the end of the bed or lying down face down flat on the bed. Others might get on their hands and knees. Every guy is different. So communicate personal information about what might make you feel most comfortable or get you off before you begin.

The biggest question I get from guys is about hygiene. If it’s been a hot day and maybe you’ve gotten a little sweaty, you might want to take a shower and have a quick rinse off. You can also do the little bird bath thing with a washcloth in the sink. Most people have body hair, and a lot of guys have a lot of hair around their anus. As such, you might feel more comfortable giving or receiving rimming if the receiver shaves or waxes. It’s just a way of keeping things a little neater down there.

What Do You Think Makes Eating A Man’s Ass More Enjoyable?

So we decided to move away from what others think and directly ask you.  What do you think makes eating a man’s ass more enjoyable?

We surveyed our readers and have received a few great tips on what makes it more enjoyable to eat a man’s ass.  

Most popular response:

I do not care if a man has hair or no hair, as long as it is clean and doesn’t smell, no problem.

This seems to be the number one response.  Hair or no hair, no problem.  Some women prefer to go down on a man and feel the sensation of his hair because they have the perception that hair makes a man more manly.  Some women prefer a man to be squeaky clean.  One thing is for sure, hair is subjective and although some people claim hair holds in odor, we agree!  But it works both ways.  If the hair is shampooed and taken care of properly, it can hold in the good odors of a well taken care of body!   

Maybe I’m weird but I find hair kind of sexy. My first partner’s ass was covered in soft peach fuzz hair and I kind of loved it. When it comes to a hairy ass crack I don’t mind too much but I like him to trim or shave it if he wants me to eat his ass and give him anilingus. I’ve dated a guy who had a really hairy ass crack and I didn’t find it unattractive necessarily but I trimmed it up for him so I could better give him pleasure when I buried my face in that beautiful ass of his. It made it much more fun for both of us. Its also important for anal play since the hairs can get pulled or pinched by any fingering or use of butt plugs.

If you decide to trim up just get a small trimmer and use it carefully on the hair, its kind of awkward to do but its doable. I trim up my own hair this way and use it to closely trim the hair on my labia too.

If you are close with your partner, she can help you trim your backside up.  As noted above, a partner that is open to eating your ass is probably going to be open to help you groom or shave those hard to reach places. 

I have a hairy ass and my wife loves it. I’ve brought up shaving my ass before (or just trimming it even) and she was strictly against it as it turns her on.  She says she prefers a manly man, not a twink.  However, she likes me to shower and wash thoroughly prior to any ass play.

It seems pretty apparent through our readers that body hair is not a factor in how much a woman enjoys eating her man’s ass.  But cleanliness and making sure your body is washed is the primary factor in a woman’s enjoyment when eating her man’s ass.

Maybe I’m the minority, but I LOVE body hair. I love my guy’s body hair, and I  enjoy body hair on both sexes (a woman rocking hairy legs and pits and still confident and sexy, I love it – and to be clear female body hair is not exclusive to the “butch” or lesbian gals – I just like to point out that there’s more than just the stereotype) I don’t care if he shaves/trims. I’m usually too into it to care about picking a hair out of my mouth, which actually doesn’t happen that often even when he’s all grown out. I actually don’t like the bare fully shaved look, it feels unnatural and reminds me of mannequins or children. Trimmed is enough grooming, but only if the other person wants/enjoys it. Man or woman. I’ve actually ask my guy not to shave/trim sometimes.

As a girl I’ve been pressured my whole post pubescent life to be all shaved and perfect, and it’s made me feel shitty and like I’m expected to not look like I naturally am. I never said anything cause I just figured that’s how it is and if I want a guy to like my vagina I better be bare. Luckily I found my voice and for the past year my long-term guy has been very understanding and accepting of my stance/personal preference. I will still shave/trim for him when I want because I like doing what he enjoys too. It goes both ways now, and I love it.

Point is, you have ass hair. Girls and guys alike do. I understand being embarrassed, I think almost everyone has felt that at some point (I still get embarrassed). If you want to groom I suggest one of those small hair trimmers – shaving with a regular razor can cause ingrown hairs and/or stubble chaffing (I personally hate ass stubble). Trimming is much safer. Especially if you haven’t done this before and are scared of cutting yourself – Which is literally a pain in the ass.

Again, I think it’s safe to conclude that ass hair isn’t going to be the reason women enjoy eating your ass less, but talk to your partner and ask what she prefers.  If you are dating, she may prefer your ass totally shaved until she gets to know you better.  Then her natural preferences may come forward and she might prefer you hairy   One thing is for sure, make sure you clean, clean, clean.

What do you do if your Woman Wants Your Ass Shaved To Enjoy Eating Your Ass?

Cindy Esser, an L.A. esthetician who is said to have “changed the pubic landscape of Los Angeles” as the first salon owner to wax vaginal lips and anuses (at the request of then Home Improvement actress and Playmate Pamela Anderson):

The thing about hair is that it really holds odor, so waxing it is very hygienic. Sex and hygiene will never go out of style, and let’s face it, no one wants to floss their teeth while they are bobbin’ for apples.

Getting your cheeks and “in the butt” waxed is very easy. There’s a lot of fat that buffers the pain, more so than when getting your back waxed. I often wax the taint, the area under the testicles that connects to the anal area, while a guy is on his hands and knees. That’s pretty non-challenging as well because the skin is thicker there in comparison to the penis or testicles. Never in a million years does anyone want any hair left there. Guys will sometimes bite the pillow and pound the table while I wax, but if you’re really scared of what it will feel like, you can come in and I’ll give you a small, complimentary “test” wax on another part of your body.

One key tip? Don’t trim any of your hair beforehand! If that’s necessary, I’ll do it. Guys new to waxing have a tendency to trim it too short, which means when we swipe the wax over it, there isn’t enough leverage to pull. Leave it to a professional. I use a refined, honey beeswax that’s made especially for us, so people aren’t allergic to it. Best yet — you can be intimate immediately afterward.

What Makes Eating A Man’s Ass More Enjoyable To A Porn Star?

Let’s be real here, they get paid for it.  Money is what makes eating ass more enjoyable to a porn star.    

Nina Hartley, legendary porn star and creator of the Nina Hartley’s Guide… series, erotic, instructional videos made to help people fuck (and feel) better: 

The best thing to do is simply be washed. A freshly washed front and rear is key. Don’t, however, use strong-smelling soap or cologne because they both taste very busy. If you want, a last-minute swipe of your butt with a baby wipe is always polite, too.

Our Tips On How To Make Your Ass More Enjoyable To Eat

  1. Communicate with your partner and find out if they prefer you to shave, trim, or keep your body naturally hairy.  Remember, some women may be ashamed of being turned on by her man’s hair, because porn and our current culture has pushed the idea that hair is dirty, holds odors, and is unsanitary.  For her to say she prefers hair may make her feel like she can be seen as dirty and gross for her preferences.  Obviously that isn’t the case.   A good line of communication is important.  If she prefers it hairless, then consider having her help you shave and/or trim.  If she prefers it hairy, embrace her kinks and let her know how it makes you feel.
  2. Wash your body with soap thoroughly.  Whether you have hair or not, make sure to lather your body and let the soap sit on your body for 30 seconds to a minute prior to rinsing.  Remember, rubbing the bar of soap over your body parts and immediately rinsing off will not be as clean as letting it sit on your skin so it absorbs the fragrance.  So lather, let the soap sit for 30 seconds to a minute, then rinse.  
  3. Test your oil levels.  Cleaning isn’t just about rubbing a bar or soap over your anus, it takes a bit of digging.  Whether you use the corner of a bar or soap, or you lather your finger and circle it around the inside of your anus about a half and inch deep (or more, depending on how fresh you want to be).  If you are sensitive to having soap in this area, you may need to come up with your own system, but making sure your anus is clean on the inside, it just as important as the outer rim.  Some women like to fuck you with their tongue, stab you as deep as they can, and love feeling how tight you are on their mouths.  It also turns them on to see you wiggle and moan, as if they took the power from you while face fucking your anus with their mouths.
  4. The power of the shower enema.  They make shower heads that act as an enema and can clean your colon and ass thoroughly.  However, this is something you need to do carefully.  You can injury yourself if you let your bowels fill up with too much water, or have the water too hot.  Please do your research on shower enemas. These things will clean you out prior to getting your ass ate and insure you are totally clean and enjoyable.   
  5. An extra step to make sure your body smells fresh and clean is to use shampoo.  Even if you are totally shaved, shampoo has a strong clean fragrance that attaches itself to your body (scalp) to help with smelling fresh and keeping your skin soft. Well, lather your ass crack, ass cheeks, thighs, and legs.  Not only will your ass smell good, so will your ass cheeks, your thighs, and all the areas around your body besides your crack.  Remember, women like to explore all around your body, not just the crack itself.  If wherever they put their nose you smell fresh and clean, it will only reassure them that they are eating out a man that knows how to take care of himself. 
  6. Use antiperspirant spray.  There is an art to this technique.  It is tried and true, and woman will think you have the most proper smelling package on earth if done right.  Fresh out of the shower when your body is still moist, give yourself about a foot of distance and spray to the left of your balls, to the right of your balls, and once on your backside.  You should have enough distance so the spray not wet your body more, but instead you feel the air on your hair.  Then rub your creases and move around the moisture from the shower to your crotch and around your balls.  This will give you a slight clean fragrance, protect you from future sweaty smells, and not be so overwhelming that your woman has to smell pure antiperspirant.  Trust me, this is the key to your ass being the cleanest ass in town.

Woman’s Guide To Licking Your Man’s Ass

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