Open Relationships (Threesomes) In Hollywood – Robin Thicke and Paula Patton Divorce

paula-patton-robin-thickeVenice: It comes to no surprise to me that actress, Paula Patton, wife of singer Robin Thicke, has finally filed for divorce. I’m not going to go on about “she was too good for him anyway” the way the Ricky Smiley morning radio show did this morning, because she’s not. Paula Patton and Robin Thicke are two beautiful people whose relationship was enviable because of the length of time they’d been together (since they were 14 years old), which is right up there with Denzel & Pauletta Washington (married 31 years) and Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick (married 26 years). That is the primary reason I had for going “Aww” every time I saw them in a picture together. I’m sure there are other couples who’ve been together longer, but these are the ones that come to mind from my generation. Celebrity or not, you gotta love relationships that (may or may not) outlast their careers.

Ryan: I’ve never heard of either of them.

Venice: Anyway, so upon hearing the news about Robin & Paula’s divorce, I was kind of ehh about it, as if this was something to be expected. Why? There had been rumors about them having threesomes and even being in an open relationship. While I don’t think monogamy or open relationships have anything to do with having a successful marriage, I do believe that their communication has at some point been askewed. I refuse to make a blurred lines joke. It’s been reported that during their two-year threesome affair with a female massage therapist, Paula caught the other woman and her man together. Is this true? Who knows. Only three people in the world know the answer to that. He threatened to sue the magazine for slander because he claims that was a lie. He may drop case completely or even settle quietly in the background because who wants to be remembered as a cheater? Not him. ‘Cause how you gonna make song after song about being in love with a woman (also your baby’s mama) and then cheat on her? You lost all your proverbial street cred, Robin.

Ryan: Oh is this the guy that did the twerk thing on VH1 with Billy Bob Thornton’s daughter?!

Venice: So much wrong there Ryan I wouldn’t even know where to begin.  Again, anyway.  Let’s say this threesome affair is, in fact, true. If you’re in a committed relationship and your chick allows bitches into your bedroom, be grateful. A married woman like that is a rarity, even more rare than the “unicorn.” There is absolutely no reason for a man to cheat on his woman, and by cheat I mean do anything behind her back that she wouldn’t approve of. Obviously he wanted to experience that chick without his wife there and do things he wouldn’t normally do when all three of them were together. Maybe he wanted to talk dirty to her and tell her things he wouldn’t normally say to his wife (“Take my dick you filthy, bitch. I’ll give you some ‘Growing Pains.'” or whatever he has in mind). Robin Thicke is a cake-eater, wanting to be married to a gorgeous woman who lets him have threesomes, but at the same time want to fuck other women on the side.

Ryan: Very dumb.  If your woman allows you to experiment with other women, while she joins in and helps you fuck her, why would you ever want to do it alone with any woman that wasn’t your wife again?  I mean, for me, having a woman alone that isn’t my wife would be awful.  I wouldn’t have my best friend to share the experience with, I wouldn’t be able to talk about it with anyone, I wouldn’t have the approval (which for me turns me on), and I would only have one vagina in the room?  I mean, maybe I just don’t get it, but cheating on the woman that is openly wanting and actively pursuing other women with you seems like a huge step backwards in everything.  Communication, trust, loyalty, everything.  It’s also just extremely selfish and shows horrible character.  Like, it wasn’t enough you had her with me, you had to do it all by yourself too? Just absolutely dumb to me.

Venice: I, for one, am glad she’s leaving him. This situation is the kind of arrangement that Ryan and I have. We communicate freely and openly and I have made it clear what my desires and intentions are prior to anything going down. It’s not too much to ask to simply BE THERE when all the action goes down. Why? Because I want to be a part of it. I want to experience what he experiences. I want to see what he enjoys. I don’t want an interrogation the day after: “Did you use protection? Did you cum in her? Did you lick her ass hole?” I want to know everything and see it with my own eyes so there won’t be any questioning of what REALLY happened. I couldn’t live with so much unknown to me.

Ryan: And with all that said, I want the same exact thing.  I don’t want to ask about all the details and put the puzzle together in my head.  I don’t want to wonder how long they kissed or gave each other oral sex.  I don’t want to wonder if the they talked dirty or what was said.  All I ask is the same exact thing Venice is asking of me, please just let me be there so I don’t feel left out.  She is my best friend and I may be okay with the idea of a woman being with us, but I am not okay with her spending intimacy time with any person without me there.  I don’t see sex as a separation of the mental intimacy and purely physical.  I am not saying that’s how it is for everyone, but for me, sex is not separable from intimacy. Our threesomes, even though the third person is not in our circle, is still intimate and special between Venice and I, because everything we do is experienced together.   We use the third person as a tool to amplify our intimacy.  That’s how I see it.

Venice: After they separated in February 2014, he released an album three months later entitled “Paula” with its lead single being “Get Her Back” in hopes of winning reconciling with her. I guess the only question left to ask is will she get half the album’s earnings?

Ryan: Ha, she will get a lot more than just half of that album’s earnings.  That’s for sure.

Venice:  Well we still have Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith leading the way for open marriages in Hollywood.  Or so that’s what I’ve heard.

Ryan: Maybe they can adopt Paula Patton?

Venice: I’d watch it.

Ryan: Me too.

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Open Relationships (Threesomes) In Hollywood – Robin Thicke and Paula Patton Divorce via @venicebloggs

What I really enjoy about your post is how you two agree on everything as a couple, without twisting each other’s arm and convincing the other that an activity is a good idea. One of my exes wanted to swap with an online couple as her excuse to be fucked by the other guy. He was pursuing her, and she loved the attention. She had no intention of making it a group activity for OUR pleasure. She was focused on her enjoyment.

After divorcing her, I met my current wife who is interested in adding spice to OUR love life. Our threesomes and group play at sex clubs has been wonderful because we are interested in bringing pleasure to US as a couple.

What ever your readers are into, I hope they find happiness in their adventure as a couple.

I for one, agree totally with Mr. Invisible4.
If your doing it to spice up your own relationship to me that is totally acceptable. Of course if your doing it to try to find a replacement partner that is in most cases wrong.

We hit a slowpoint in our marriage about 10 years into it. We went to a swingclub to check it out. We stayed together and watched and after awhile we just decided to fuck, Everyone was doing it all in front of others and it was a turn on.

After returning home together we had some more thrilling sex.

We started answering ads in underground newspapers and online. We agreed that we both would want to be with the other people. In other words if she didn’t want the guy, no matter how much I wanted the other woman, it was a no go.

It took time to find the right mixture, but we always went together, met them normally for a drink or two and then went back to whosever place was more convenient and had fantastic sex.

Always after the encountered ended we went home together and our sex was better than ever. It enhanced our sex life to the highest level ever. No one had affairs, no one cheated. and our sex life was fantastic

For your reading pleasure, enjoy ❤
Open Relationships (Threesomes) In Hollywood – Robin Thicke & Paula Patton Divorce

Open Relationships (Threesomes) In Hollywood – Robin Thicke and Paula Patton Divorce

I think a lot can be said about Robin Thicke and how he was with her for so long, even when he first started becoming mainstream. It seemed like it took a long time to get to where he is, and as soon as he did, he stays embarrassing himself with Hannah Montana. All downhill from there.