Q&A: How to respond when women tell me they squirt when I am not into squirting?

Q&A: How to respond when women tell me they squirt when I am not into squirting?

20 years ago, I wasn’t even aware of this. Never heard of it.  Obviously, it’s become a very popular thing in porn and real life.  I was in a relationship for the last two years. It’s over, and I’m single. Back in the saddle, meeting women again, and ALMOST ALL OF THEM TALK ABOUT SQUIRTING. They say they can squirt, they do squirt, etc. I’m not sure if it’s to turn me on, or just a fair warning. Both?

Okay. I’m an adult. I can deal with lots of things. I’m usually very good at talking things through.  But I don’t even know what to say. If a woman can squirt, and is telling me because she thinks I’m into it, it makes sense to just share that I’m not into it, right?  But if it’s somewhat involuntary, then saying I’m not into it might make her feel ashamed or unwanted.

Honestly, I don’t know what to say without making a thing out of it. Any helpful hints?

Venice’s response to women squirting

I have only squirted a few times in my life and they were totally involuntary.   So I do not really mention it to other women I am with because I’d have no control over it regardless.  If they know the secret pressure points, then they know exactly what they are getting into when they are doing their jedi mind tricks inside of me!

As far as other women telling me they squirt, I am not picky about these types of things and usually take a backseat to how Ryan feels.  I’d probably be shocked and flattered it if happened with a woman I was fingering or eating out.  This question is good though because I know Ryan has the same feelings towards squirting as you. 

We did have a woman tell us she squirted and was proud she could finally feel free about her body and let things happen naturally.  She openly said her previous relationships her men were closed minded about it.   Ryan pretty quickly said to her that he definitely wasn’t into that type of thing either, especially with someone new.    Probably not the best response, but sometimes being communicative can be harsh.  And he really isn’t into it.  

Luckily, due to our communication, we’ve managed to not have any “accidents.”   That may be because we didn’t excite them enough, or the penetrative part of sex wasn’t long or rough enough.  Admittedly in all our experiences with women we have never been big on penetration.  Usually we are more focused on oral sex, toys, and reaching orgasms without penetration.  Or, a lot of times women can control their squirting and tend to squirt when they know it excites their partner.   They may be feeling you out to see if you are into it, because if you are, they will wet your sheets up to turn you on.  If you are not, they will keep that trick on the backburner until you are ready.

Ryan’s response to women squirting

Firstly, remember our perspective is from a couple that opens our bedroom to other women.  I am not a single guy on the dating scene looking to find someone to hook up with.   But the new phenomenon of women who can squirt has been equally noticed.  With porn and even live cam chats having goals such as, “I will squirt at 100 tokens,” I assume women think this is something most men enjoy.   As Venice said, personally I am not big on squirting.  With her, of course I love it.  But that’s because she is my wife and someone I have been with for 25 years.  Nothing she does can gross me out.  But with someone new, that we are hanging out with, I’m definitely not into being squirted on.    

In your situation, I’d let the person know that squirting really isn’t my thing and if she can control it, try not to squirt.  I understand that this can be a total turn of or even offend a woman that can’t control it, but I am equally offended by being pissed on for fun when a woman can control it.  But don’t attack me yet!  I am not saying that all squirting is urine, but when a woman can control it and it’s something she does to spice things up, then most definitely I am saying that would be urine.  And with someone new to our bedroom, I am not into that.  Much like I can assume they would not want me to urinate on them for fun during oral sex.  Or urinate inside them during sex to turn my condom into a huge water balloon that randomly pops after it gets too full (although that possibly could feel great?!?).  


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Send them my way. I have all the gear and I am ready for whatever tidal wave they can throw at me! I am even prepared for the fish.

I can usually control myself when squirting but some men love the theatrics. If they want a show, I will take them to sea world.