V’s Weekly Wet Inbox: How Does A Woman Learn To Love Anal

analI hate anal and my boyfriend wants it bad. His last girlfriend liked it.  I feel like I have no choice.  Is it okay for me to not let him anal me and does that make me less of a woman?

I’d like to keep my wet inbox more about sex and the physical aspect, and less about relationships and/or relationship advice.  Unfortunately, I can’t control my motherly urges. 

First of all, it doesn’t make you less of a woman to not anal, just as it doesn’t make you any less of a woman who’s had a double mastectomy, hysterectomy, or shaved head.  I believe being a woman is more than the parts your born with – it’s a state of mind, your demeanor, and your outlook on things. 

Second, It’s poisonous to compare yourself to an ex because you’ll feel like you can never live up to his memories of her.  This can also be dangerous because he could use his past as a weapon against you.  “Well, my ex liked it.”  Very cowardly and not the best way to get your woman to do something. But since you’re comparing yourself to, use it to your advantage, use it as a point of reference.  Think of the wildest, nastiest anal porn you’ve seen and become that, only better.

You have the ability and the potential to be the best your man ever had.  I’ve never analled before and my man has never analled anyone before me.  But we’ve watched enough porn(amateur and professional) to know what constitutes a mind-blowing anal session.  Now, those women aren’t my man’s exes, but I take each viewing, each video, as arsenal to make me become a better lover.  The things I learned, the things I taught myself, and the things I enjoy now are things I never dreamed of doing when we first got together.

Here’s how I knew I loved analling (though this was not OUR first anal experience together): Ryan and I started in the missionary position.  His movements were slow and deep, hitting my cervix and hitting that sensitive spot that makes me feel like I have to pee.  I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter, so I started playing with my clit.  When he hits my ‘squirt’ spot, it’s not unusual for my juices to spill out of my body and drip down to my ass, ass hole, and all over the bed.   Knowing my ass was lubed with my own juices, I told him to put his cock in my ass.  I relaxed my ass muscles as he pulled out; I continued circling my clit.  My tight little hole grabbed around his dick as he slowly pushed in his head.  I moaned quietly as he pulled out just a little before driving back in even further.  For some reason, me being on my back as we analled felt amazing. As he pumped his hips, I begged for him to go deeper.  I felt like he could fit his entire cock in me – something I wanted to feel.  “Go deeper,” I told him. “Deeper,” I ordered.  The next thing I knew his balls were wet from the pussy juices that dripped down to my ass, which meant his whole dick was in my ass, and I loved it! 

In previous anal experiences (maybe once or twice a year for a 10-year period), although we’ve always made sure I had an orgasm while analling, using a vibrator or rubbing my clit while he was inside my ass, I never truly enjoyed the experience. Yes, I orgasmed, but never looked forward to it the way I do today. I guess so the male readers can understand, it’s like having sex with a woman who just lays there or masturbating to a Victoria’s Secret catalog that doesn’t show nudity – you orgasm, but you aren’t completely satisfied.  His dick hurt, even lubed up, it hurt. If my mind wasn’t excited about the experience, the pain was just pain. It made me feel like I was going to just poop the bed, and that’s really the feeling I focused on. Honestly, I didn’t want to have anal because I had a young woman mentality. He should have been happy with my pussy. Since he is not, I won’t be happy with his dick in my ass. Attitude is everything. Is that pride? Is that our egos? Is it the fact we didn’t grow up and think about our knight in shining armor rescuing us from a dragon and then taking us back to his castle and sticking his cock inside our ass holes?  I know one thing, as soon as I felt the urge to want to feel him fuck my ass, to have an urge to want to see my man be a man and fuck his woman’s ass, and just know I have the power to let him enjoy these moments, made everything beautiful. Learning to be in control, learning to throw away all the bullshit society teaches you what is right and wrong about sex, and learning to enjoy the pressure of a man sliding in your ass, the same way we learn to enjoy the pressure of a huge cock in our pussys making us scream with pleasure. Once the mind accepts the act, the pressure of a dick pounding your ass hole while you orgasm is greater than any Coke can sized cocked ramming your pussy. The pressure is intense beyond words and feels absolutely wonderful.

You can turn yourself on, make yourself wet (use extra lube to make easing in more comfortable), and mentally prepare yourself for an analling.  Don’t close your mind to it because you don’t know what you’re missing!

MTV Teen Mom Star, Farrah Abraham releases sex tape

From MTV’s Teen Mom to Backdoor Squirting Milf Porn Star.  Farrah Abraham released her sex tape today via Vivid, the same company that released Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee (Pam and Tommy), Jimi Hendrix, Kim Kardashian, WWE Diva Chyna, and a number of other B / C / D level celebs that can only get your attention by fucking each other’s brains out on camera…

… the same way we do!

I’m not mad at you Farrah, sex is beautiful, and doing it the way you do it is even better.   Co-star / porn actor James Deen has openly said that recording this video was just another day in the office for him.  Any claims of this being a “private” sex tape is false, as it was purposely recorded in home video fashion to create more interest.   Her partner in the video is a known porn star.  Farrah, no need to pretend it’s a home video, just tell everyone you take it in the ass and squirt all over the room, that’s all the buzz you need.

Farrah Abraham just went from the most annoying reality star / teen mom on earth, to now just a somewhat slightly annoying milf.  Her new large breasts and open-attitude towards anal sex definitely puts her a lot higher in my book.  Although her oral skills need work,  her anal and squirting techniques will make even the most uptight executive at Viacom proud.  Good find MTV!  Your casting director and talent scouts need raises for sure.

Vivid’s synopsis:

“From Iowa cheerleader to MTV Teen Mom star, midwest beauty Farrah Abraham breaks free with her most daring video ever, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. Made originally as a personal ‘boudoir’ tape, Farrah decided to release the video to her fans due to overwhelming response once news of the tape became public for download. Shockingly explicit, she takes James Deen as you’d never imagine, in a backdoor scene you’ll never forget. With her tight young body and totally uninhibited sexuality, it’s no wonder why she wanted to capture this moment in time. And now you can too!” 

If you’re internet savvy, check the bay for the full release.

Let Your Man Be A Man

Let A Man Be A Man

Let A Man Be A Man

Part of my transformation to becoming a woman was to pinpoint my shortcomings and rectify them.  Just because Ryan and I picked each other over the billions of people on this planet doesn’t mean everything is perfect.  I had to step back and look at myself in another light, a light that wasn’t very flattering.  I’m not saying that I’m right or wrong, but I do know through experience what works for me.

In looking at myself and seeing the way I treated Ryan and sex over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that a woman should never suppress a good man from being a man.  Let me try to  explain.

We know that men are naturally built more physically superior to women: they’re taller and for the most part, stronger.  They also have deeper voices that connote aggression.  It’s the sound of the baritone coupled with non-physical aggression that can submit others without having to use physical force.  Women can learn to harness this aggression in a positive way to use it to their advantage; this means realizing that a man is capable of violence (protecting his woman during a bar fight, carrying her out of a burning building, etc.).  We look for these characteristics in a man and we are drawn to them for survival aspects.  Additionally, society has also taught us that men wield this natural power and have the ability to overwhelm more delicate creatures. Yes, I know there are exceptions.  But for the most part, men are the more physically superior sex.  As women, we learn to control this physical strength and make it our own.    I don’t want to get to far ahead of myself, so let’s stick to our men for now.

One way men release their aggression is through the use of force.  They punch walls, they break things with bats, they lift weights, they train and release stress with physical activity, and yes some even fight or start fights.  Unfortunately, for the men who can’t control themselves, their significant other can become a target of this aggression.  These aren’t the men I am talking about in this article, the ones that become violent with a woman, those men are garbage.  A real man uses his natural strength and aggression to protect what he loves the most, his wife and family. Because men have this natural advantage over women, they should never use it against them.

This is where trust plays a big part in a relationship.  If you have seen your man at his worst, his all-time low and he still wouldn’t think of hurting you, you know you can open the doors to physically trusting him.  If you have seen him angry and he still protects you physically and emotionally, then how could you not trust him when he is happy?  When I say happy, I mean during sex.  Most men are at their happiest when they are inside their woman.  The drug-like reaction to sex gives men a natural high.  I’ve given Ryan a blow job and watched his eyes roll back in his head like my mouth was a heroin injection.  Sometimes he will mumble something that makes no sense, like he is completely gone from this world.   I get this same reaction when I ride him or when he is going deep and slow inside me.  This is when he is at his happiest.  Maybe not in life, but daily.  Nothing will make him feel the way I make him feel each day. With that being said, again, if you can trust your man would never physically harm you when he is upset or angry, then you can trust he would never purposely hurt you when he is happy.  As his aggression comes out during sex (commanding you to a certain position, pulling your hair, pinning your arms down, fucking you hard and using his dick to punish the bottom of your pussy, spanking, etc.) by all means, let him be the man his instincts are telling him to be.   Trust that your man will never really hurt you.  These inner desiress are what makes a man tick.  The more you let him experience, the more he will appreciate you.

A prime example of this is our HIDDEN CAMERA video.  I placed my cell phone on a chair at the end of the room and called Ryan into the room.  He seemed pretty surprised since we don’t usually fuck in any rooms aside from the master bedroom. My intent was to record how I could take the reins in the bed, be in control, and be the dirty, nasty woman he loves that I can become.  I took his pants and boxer briefs off and sucked his cock, making him moan with every undulating wave of my throat around his manhood.  I do this as a warm up.  Before I knew it, our roles were reversed and he was giving me sexual commands.   I listened and did everything he said without hesitation.  As he picked me up off the bed and spun me around preparing to fuck my face, I took the role of the submissive female he needed at that moment and let him totally take me.  After getting my face fucked for a few minutes, he turned me over and rammed his tongue down deep in my asshole, wetting me up just enough to make sure his dick would slide in my anus without ripping it.  This wasn’t my plan, and the young me definitely would not let him take my ass without a couple months notice and a lot of begging.  My original intent was to take control and dominate him.  Not with strength, but with my sexual prowess.  But once the animal instinct in him was roused, I knew what I had to do: I had to let him be a man.  To  suppress his urge would be emasculating him.  Never suggest to your man that you do not want him to be a man, especially when you know his intentions are good.  A man needs to feel like an animal, he needs to lead his pack.  It’s his instinct to ravish his woman and make her swoon underneath him.

I strongly believe that it’s crucial for a man to be able to show his manhood, not only in day-to-day life, but also in the bedroom.  Not every single moment, but a woman must allow him to “flex his testosterone.”  It’s a man’s job to protect a woman with his strength, that’s why a woman seeks out the taller, stronger, and all around more manlier male. Women are drawn to someone who can protect her. These are the genes she wants to pass to her offspring to ensure survival.  It’s instinctual in all species. Once a man has found his mate, it means he has found someone who has made him happy and complete. His priority is to PROTECT the one thing in the world that makes him happy.  Protecting his woman is protecting his own happiness.  The better the woman treats him, the more he wants to protect her. Not just physically, financially, or from harm, but also protecting her heart.  He doesn’t want her to experience pain and will do whatever he can to keep her from heartache.  So it goes without saying that the protection he provides for her will include shielding her heart from other men taking it from him.  If the threat isn’t physical, a good man will better himself to make sure she sees no better options.   His attention is hers.

This is how a woman tames her beast.   This is also how a woman abuses her own new powers, especially younger women.  Once a woman realizes she controls his happiness, it’s easy for her to ween him, giving him just enough to satisfy his urges. This weening process usually goes unnoticed, but it happens.  It happened to me.  Not maliciously, but I went from giving Ryan sex each day because I wanted it, to telling him he wants it too much.   What could emasculate him more than making him feel wrong for wanting his woman too much?   Even though that is the way I felt, I was young-minded.   Ryan took what he could get and slowly became more of zoo-raised lion, a tamed beast.  Although he remained loyal, mentally I wasn’t there for him during sex.  I may never have an answer for why.   And even though we were still in love, I felt like he no longer cared about protecting my attention or heart.  This could have been the beginning of the end, for both of us.

There is nothing wrong with trying to help your man become a better person, but don’t emasculate him.   By no means am I innocent of this.  I remember clearly giving Ryan dirty looks and saying things like,  “Please do not hold my head down against your crotch, I can do that myself.”  He was a good man, so for the next few years he probably never touched my head again.  If he did, I would stop sucking and glare at him.   My young mind didn’t grasp that I was turning my man into something I didn’t want.  I wanted a man, but my own ego got in the way of letting him be a man.  I was in a tug-of-war and my ego was beating the lady inside me.  I loved anal orgasms, but I hated he wanted to fuck my ass.  I wanted to taste all of him, but hated thinking he would feel so good about cumming in my mouth.   I could see a porn and get horny watching a man shoot his cum in the porn stars face, but I didn’t want Ryan to do that to me.  If he asked, I would always let him, but my attitude or body language let him know I wasn’t happy.  This took its toll.  With age, I learned that I controlled whether our sex was good or bad.  I controlled what could happen and what couldn’t happen.  I controlled where he could cum or if I would help him jack off onto his own stomach.  I’ve learned with a good man that wants to keep his woman happy and protect her, will in essence give up his manhood for her.  I never wanted Ryan to quit being the man I fell in love with and it was this thought process that led me to burying the little girl inside me.

So I asked myself, do I want a boy that makes love to me like a high school kid that is overly worried about me being mad or upset after sex?  Or do I want a  man who takes his woman and makes her beg for more.   My attitude and limits control our sex life.  I decided to grow up and let go of the invisible rope and quit playing tug-of-war with myself.  Now I prefer him grabbing my head and holding me against his crotch.   I love feeling his strong grip on my head.  I want him to roll me over and take my ass.  Our best sex is when he is in my ass and I get to be a total woman and scream for him to take all of me.  I can’t even fuck him anymore without asking him to hold my arms as tight as he can above my head.  I want to feel overwhelmed by his manhood:  his dick, his body, his strength, his attitude, his aggression.  I want to feel his 6’5″ frame squeeze my shoulders and arms as his hips push his long engorged dick  in my body as hard as he can.  I want to be his stress relief and show him how resilient a strong woman can be.  No matter how much effort he puts into his thrusts, he knows I want it all.  I want him to know I am the one that gives him more pleasure than anyone ever could.  I want to show him I have no limits because I trust he would never hurt me.   I want to feel his entire body, machine-like, turn into putty in my hands as he unloads his semen inside me.   I want to hold him in my arms and tell him I am okay as I listen to him catch his breath.  I want to run my fingers through his hair and tell him he is the best man I’ve ever had or known.   This is my role as a woman.

Let a man be a man.

Video: My Hidden Cam Experience

First, I figured I would post this blog since I already posted it on the site that hosts the video.  I know Ryan already said his side (boooooring — lol) here, so I figured I would put my own little spin on it, especially since I was the mastermind behind it all.

Anyway, after endless requests from different people  asking us to post a longer video, I decided not to wait for my husband’s “okay.” I hid my camera phone in the corner of the room without Ryan knowing so I could record us fucking. A few problems I encountered was I knew he wouldn’t leave all the lights on while we fucked. We prefer a dimly lit room. Although when I called Ryan into the room I had all the lights on, he saw my outfit and knew I wanted to fuck him. He immediately turned off the overhead light, which left on only the corner lamp. If I would have turned the light back on, no way he wouldn’t have known something else fishy (no vagina jokes please) was going on. If people are unhappy about that, I am sorry. It’s either a dimly lit room or no video at all, because he just wasn’t interested in recording us fuck like we were porn stars or something.

Another issue I had was him throwing my panties in the direction of the camera. I tried to hang on to my panties and lay them off to the side, but you can hear him in the video demand them. After he threw them in the direction of the camera I thought to myself, “Oh dang, what if they covered the camera completely or knocked it over.” I know that sounds dumb, but I didn’t want to mess this up. I knew afterwards I would tell him I recorded us so I wanted it to be something he liked. If it was bad, who knows if I would have ever tried it again.

Also, at the end of the video when he is fucking me in my ass, he puts a pillow over my head to shut me up. Whether the readers/viewers believe this or not, usually when we anal fuck I am very loud, which Ryan loves, but he also loves to know he can throw a pillow over my head or push my face against the sheets and make me bite down and muffle my screams. Well, with the pillow over my dang head, how will the microphone pick up what I am saying? Although it turned out okay, because thankfully our mic is amazing (records in auto mode, which supposedly picks up low and loud sounds equally), almost the entire time he was fucking my ass I had a pillow over my head completely.  If you listen, you can hear him in the video talking about how he is holding the pillow over my head.

Finally, my original idea was to totally fuck his brains out. I wanted to hop on top of him and ride him, make him my little bitch, and force him to call me the best bitch ever.  Haha. Unfortunately when we started fucking, he took over. Not only did he take over, he fucked my brains outs (face), then rolled me over and fucked my ass out. As much as I wanted to be in charge, I would never shut down my man and his manly instincts when his body and brain needs to be in control. When I felt him take over, I decided to be an obedient girl and let him handle his pussy (in this case, my face and ass) however he saw fit.

I think that is it. I was glad to see the sound came out so good, especially for a hidden cam. If you watch this video after reading this post, make sure you listen along.

A few other quick notes.  All the editing and blurring is done post edit to hide faces.  Since he had no idea it was being recorded, he moves his body out of position or face onto the camera more than I expected.

I hope you guys enjoy!

Video: Her Hidden Camera Attempt

Venice originally had an idea of using a hidden cam and recording us having sex.  She later told me that she wanted to be in control and fuck the shit out of me.  Unfortunately for her, I didn’t know her plan.   I am posting the video myself to make sure everyone knows that Venice and I do things like this, but we both fully agree and understand that the other is just trying to spice things up.   For instance, Venice has said to me that if she is ever passes out from being a little too tipsy,  she wants me to fuck her hard.  Yes, she WANTS me to fuck her hard while she is unconscious so she feels it the next day.  She loves the idea of me using her and we have no prude reservations about it being “wrong.”  We trust each other.  Which is why for me, this video was a cute attempt at her being sneaky, nothing more.  However, it didn’t work out like she planned.

I didn’t know I was on camera so if you see it get blurry or the scenes change, just remember that is all in post editing.  Venice let me watch the video the same night she recorded.  In post editing we made sure to try our best to keep the footage as real as possible without showing too much face.   If it zooms, its post edit zooming.  If it’s dark, sorry, I  turned off the light when I walked in, because there was still a lamp in the room.  She was dressed in lingerie so I kind of suspected I was going to fuck, but not on camera.  I don’t fuck with all the lights on!  I had no idea she was recording.  I also hit the camera when I threw her panties.  I had no idea.  If you are into real sex or just hidden camera footage, enjoy the show.  The video starts out kind of slow so turn the volume up if you are into dirty talk or move to around to the 7 minute mark if you are only looking for action.

As for future requests, Venice and I are not porn stars.   We blog and do this for fun, so this is about as porn as we will ever get.