Sex Toy Review: Adams Sucking Oral Sex Masturbation Cup


Adams Sucking Oral Sex Masturbation Cup

To be honest with you these types of reviews are pretty easy. The Adams Sucking Oral sex Masturbation Cup does exactly what it’s supposed to do, it makes you cum.  The only issue I had was the cup is extremely tight and sucks onto your cock like nothing I have ever felt.  If it is not lubed properly it will possibly give your penis “rug burn”.  It moves aggressively and torques your cock in every which direction.  

The experience:

When we unboxed the package we were pretty excited to take the “see how fast he can cum” challenge. These days we turn everything into a challenge. It wasn’t really about if I would cum, but how fast I could cum. These products have now became more of a race where we are trying to break personal records.  Venice lubed me up pretty well and helped me get erect with oral sex.  Once I was hard, she placed my penis inside the masturbation chamber, which has a soft outer cover shaped like a vagina that is pleasurable. 

She then started the stop watch.

Inside the chamber is a 4″ textured cup that spins, thrusts, vibrates, and does everything your mind can imagine.  Venice simply held it over my cock and waited. \

50 seconds…

Venice stopped and reminded me that the masturbator didn’t beat her record.  Although I didn’t realize I was up against her 46 second orgasm she had given me with oral sex once upon a time, she made sure I knew she was better. 

1 minute 30 seconds…

The Adams Masturbator felt amazing so I decided to go into cruise control mode and was going to let it premature ejaculate me.  For me this means, make me cum without me trying.  Truth be told, 99% of my orgasms I have to decide, “Okay, now I am going to cum.”  I will then tighten my muscles or fuck in a fashion where I purposely move to make myself orgasm.  Very rarely can I sit back and get an uncontrollable orgasm. This device can definitely do this for you. 

2 minutes and 45 seconds…

Venice asked me to grabbed the masturbator for a bit so she she can suck on my balls. 

4 minutes and 55 seconds…

She slowly moved her tongue down to my guiche and then to my ass, and I came immediately.  

4 minutes and 58 seconds. 💦

So how did we like it?

We loved the Adams masturbator and it seems to have all the features you could expect from a male masturbator.  It charges quickly and seems to hold the charge for as long as you will need it. Unless you are having a marathon session, this thing does the job. I believe your penis skin would be rubbed raw long before the battery would die. It creates a snug suction and you wouldn’t want to use this sex toy for over 20 minutes. We let it run for a while and got tired of waiting for it to die.  So the battery life is great.

Clean up is easy, as the inner cup can be removed for cleaning.  What else can I say?  If you are in the market for a new masturbator, the price is right with Adams and this is a 5 star product.   You can’t go wrong with this purchase.

Price:  $83.99

Website:  Adams 5 Sucking Oral Sex Masturbation Cup


Adams works with 5 sucking & telescoping and 10 vibrating modes together with tight vulva down and up to excite the most sensitive glans and cause you to erupt in a powerful wave of orgasmic bliss. Features a soft lifelike vulva with TPE orifice that simulating spitting, makes it simple to insert, and induces amazing climax. Your delicate shaft is massaged with every movement made by the inner sleeve’s dense granulation tentacles, which form a strong wrap around you and give you amazingly lifelike stroking sensations. IPX6 waterproof protects against all conditions. Enjoy the various suction and tightening of girlfriend’s vagina! You truly deserve it so much!


  • Upgraded, premium housing with a well-liked mechanical lens design.
  • 5 sucking & 5 telescoping & 10 vibrating bring your penis Customized Pleasure.
  • Plump entry with a tight lifelike vulva increases the thrill of breaking.
  • 3.15″ insertable depth with dense particles creates a wrapping sensation of rubbing.
  • Transparent visual window lets you watch every dynamic suction.
  • Detachable, IPX7 waterproof cares for every situation.

    We are not affiliated with bestvibe and get no revenue from this review.  Our goal isn’t to make money promoting things in hopes you buy it, rather we are just sharing our reviews on products we have tried and want to share with our readers. This item was sent to us as a promotional product under the terms and condition that if we did not enjoy the product, we are not obligated to write or publish a review.   All reviews are just our opinions and experiences.

    Sex Toy Review: Sarina: Big Penis Trans Sex Doll

    Sarina: Big Penis Trans Sex Doll Torso

    We had an opportunity to review a torso sex doll and requested a torso of a trans woman.  Being with a transgender woman isn’t something we have experienced we figured it could be a fun fantasy. If you are a reader of our blog, then you know we have had threesomes with other women, so a woman doll doesn’t really interest us. On top of all that, we have actually shared our old fantasies about having a threesome with a trans woman in the past.  So with this doll, we will be able to act out some of our fantasy.  

    So how did we like the Sarina: Big Penis Trans Sex Doll Torso?

    It was fun and we enjoyed ourselves.  The body is a bit smaller than I imagined, but the genital detail was extremely accurate.  This is a good example of how a penis can look huge on a smaller body, because the penis measures slightly over 7 inches, but when viewing the photo above, it looks to be about 10 to 12 inches.  The breasts and nipples felt like how a woman’s breast and nipples feel.   The penis felt extremely realistic.  What shocked me the most was how the penis can be shaped, bent, and moved around to maintain this position. I have never experienced anything like that.  It made for a comfortable ride, regardless of how big it appears.  But the most realistic part of this doll was the testicles.  I can’t believe the sex doll industry has mastered the art of recreating a man’s testicles.  This doll has the realest balls I have ever felt on any sex toy product I have reviewed.   Nothing is close.

    Our experience with the doll was pretty basic.  We laid Sarina out on the bed on her back, with her large cock reaching for the sky.   I sucked on her dick while Ryan watched me.  I rubbed the base of her dick and held it in my mouth.  He would move his hands down to her balls and rub them while I deep throated the sex doll in front of him.  This was sex enough for him to get erect, which he stayed for the rest of the experience.  A lot of times with our threesomes with women, he would get erect for a few minutes then get soft.  Whether it be the pace or just not being comfortable.  With a sex doll, this doesn’t seem to be an issue.  He stayed erect and was able to do a lot of things we have wanted to try for a long time:

    • Double vagina penetration.   My husband was only able to get his head inside me before I screamed and he stopped.   I could never be a porn star.   Although I was wet (this isn’t our first rodeo, for all those that read and think they know the problem), it is just too much girth to try and fit inside my tiny vagina.  I had to have Cesarean Sections (C-Sections) with my children because of issues during my first pregnancy.  I also was born through a C-Sections, as was my mother.  My genetics and family history is clearly my vagina wasn’t made to have large things pass through it.  But we tried.  It was fun but extremely painful.
    • Double penetration (vagina and anus).  This was fun.  Much more comfortable than trying to shove both in one hole.  It makes the anus much more tight, which I have heard isn’t necessary, but it does.  It is extremely easy to ride this sex doll because of the weight and size of the body keeps her in place on your bed, so you can lean over and let your husband go to town on your anus while your vagina is stuffed.
    • Going back and forth between two different dicks.  This was an interesting feeling because no matter how stuffed I was with Sarina, when my husband would take  her dick out and put his in, I felt orgasmic almost instantly.  Something about a real dick, it’s warmth, the electricity between a two real bodies, and the sturdiness (while still soft flesh) can’t be replaced.   However, it was still fun feeling my husband fuck me, then pull out and shove Sarina’s dick back inside me.  This was also a neat experience because my husband was able to clean my pussy off Sarina’s dick while at the same time keeping her wet so she could slide back into me.  He also got his first taste of sucking on balls!  Overall, this is a sexy fantasy and position.
    • My husband got to watch me ride a dick while sucking on his.  This one is pretty self explanatory, but a lot of our fantasies of this sort I tend to be turned on thinking about sucking his dick while being fucked from behind.  So this sex doll can help you feel these sensations with your partner.

    We finished our experience moving Sarina off to the side and fucking each others’ brains out.  There is a powerful reconnection phase after an experience that sits on the fence of something we’d never want to do with another person. Although this is just a sex doll, the reconnection phase is still intense.  The orgasms afterwards even more so.  

    Sarina: Big Penis Trans Sex Doll Torso Pros and Cons


    • You can live out fantasies you may not try otherwise.  Whether that be with a woman sex doll, a man sex doll, or a trans sex doll.  This gives couples the ability to try things they may not want to try with a living human being, whether because of egos, the problems that can occur afterwards, or whatever else may arise.
    • It is actually crazy how real the testicles feel.  From the inside, to how they stretch, the weight, and the 2 hard testicles inside.  I love this.  I wish this company would make full size sex dolls, because the details are unbelievable.  
    • You can actually move the legs around, bend her over, and have sex with her in any position you’d like.  The details from the back look extremely realistic.  Although my husband did not penetrate the doll, we may do that the next time we play with her.
    • I have never seen a penis that moves and stays in the shape you move it.  Not in any sex toy we have reviewed.  So if you want a slight curve, you can have it.  If you want it to aim upwards, you can grab the penis and it aims upwards.  The skeletal system inside the doll is just absolutely amazing. 


    • Regardless of the doll just being a torso, it is extremely heavy.  I tried to clean off and it is a task due to the weight.  However, this con is also a pro.  This just means you can lay it on your bed and it will not move around. 

    More Information and Price: $259.99

    Sarina: Big Penis Trans Sex Doll Torso





    Website product Description:

    Sarina is a brave trans man with both a big cock and sweet tits. The sexually active Sarina is obsessed with the female body while craving the embrace of the male body. This transgender sex doll can please you with her hard cock and tight anus, making her the perfect sex doll for both women and men.

    Realistic Stimulating Big Dick

    Sarina’s 7-inch cock, with its wide tip and a slight curve, is the perfect stimulator for the G and P spots. The entire phallus is designed according to real people, and the details are incredibly realistic. The scrotum beneath the phallus comes from the unique craft of Tantaly, which feels soft and natural to the touch. Her hard cock loves to reach into the juicy lips of your vagina and will give you a different kind of orgasm when thrusting into your ass.

    Strong Stimulation of The Anal Canal

    With a channel length of 5.7 inches, it is designed to simulate the tactile sensation of the human anal sphincter and rectum. The dense circles and loose and narrow variations in the front section allow for a sucking sensation with multiple penetrating stimulation during penis insertion. The rear section of the passage has irregularly sized granules and narrow curves, creating a tighter sensation of glans envelopment and all-round sensitive stimulation.

    Enhanced Experience with Sweet Breasts

    The high-quality trans sex doll, Sarina, is soft, realistic, durable, and designed with body-safe TPE material. You can enjoy rocking her hips and breasts by squeezing them between thrusts – just like what you’ve always wanted!

    Fun for Couples with Flexible Skeleton

    With its steel skeleton and removable joints, the 19.8LB Sarina enables you to experiment with a vast range of exciting sexual positions with minimal effort. There is no doubt that this will be the perfect sex doll for married couples who need something extra in the bedroom.

    Possible Positions

    *Although these photos were grabbed from the store website.  There are much more positions you can try.  The doll can be missionary on top of the woman while the man fucks the anus of the doll, basically pushing the doll’s penis into the woman at the same time.  You can have oral sex together with the doll, you bend over with the doll and let your partner pick which anus he wants to penetrate while going back and forth.   It is nearly limitless.


    Net Weight 19.8lbs / 9kg
    Gross Weight 25.3lbs / 11.5kg
    Penis Length 7.09in / 18cm
    Anus Length 5.71in / 14cm
    Leg Circumference (maximum) 14.37in / 36.5cm
    Leg Length 5.91in / 15cm
    Suitable Storage Box 23.62in x 11.81in x 10.24in
    60cm x 30cm x 26cm


    We are not affiliated with Tantaly and get no revenue from this review.  Our goal isn’t to make money promoting things in hopes you buy it, rather we are just sharing our reviews on products we have tried and want to share with our readers. This item was sent to us as a promotional product under the terms and condition that if we did not enjoy the product, we are not obligated to write or publish a review.   All reviews are just our opinions and experiences.

    Sex Toy Review: SHD King 3 Double-Head Stimulation Dildo

    SHD King 3 Double-Head Stimulation Dildo

    It’s 2022 and a double-head dildo is no longer a lesbian toy, it isn’t made for just women, and it definitely isn’t something any couple should be ashamed of.  However, some things never change.

    Toxic Masculinity

    Being on social media and tuning in to different communities, I have noticed that some circles still bully others for their sexual preferences or kinks.  This behavior online is equivalent to the simpleton mindset of being back in high school again.  The masculine hive mind of the internet can be extremely toxic.  I do not want to get too much into urban Twitter (this isn’t a race thing, there are white, Hispanic, and black people all apart of urban social media), or urban YouTube, but there are a lot of people who sit in front of a webcam gossiping with others about the latest things going on in urban culture and neighborhoods.   In doing so, they create their own little following and end up harassing other similiar personalities and digging up skeletons (through ex-girlfriends or rumors).  If they find out your ex-woman used a vibrator on you, or fingered you during a blow job, you are “canceled”.  Imagine that?  It’s interesting because this is a sneak peek into the pressures of urban neighborhoods, toxic masculinity, and being ashamed of your kinks and what you really enjoy behind closed doors.  Remember, a lot of people in this urban masculine culture still deny masturbating, which is absolutely ridiculous.

    I can’t imagine a life where you have to hide kinks such as enjoying a finger in your ass while getting a blow job, using a toy with your girl, and just being sexually open minded in general.   Never again.  In fact, let’s just save this rant for another blog!

    So how did we like the SHD King 3 Double-Head Stimulation Dildo?

    We loved it.  Masturbating together is always fun.  Masturbating stuck together with a double-headed dildo is even more fun.   This toy is perfect for a woman that sits in her man’s lap and enjoys giving him a hand job.  The dildo is soft in the center so you can bend it in whatever positions you like.  It is also slim on both ends so it isn’t too overwhelming on the body.  The vibrations feel amazing and there are so many different frequencies and patterns to choose from.

    For us, it is the first time in a long time that my wife was able to orgasm immediately.  We had an adult themed video playing on a tablet off to the side of us while she sat in my lap with one end of the dildo resting between her labia.   The other end of the dildo was near my taint, resting directly on my anus.   The vibration frequency was on high and steady (no pulsating).  While she stroked me and watched the video, we put imagine ourselves being the actors in the porn video and talk dirty to each other.  After a few minutes, my wife shocked me and started moaning.  She leaned back holding herself up by my dick like a bull rider.  It seemed like an intense orgasm.  She could no sit up straight and was leaning her body so far back that she would have fell off the bed if she didn’t have my penis in her hand.  She could not sit up straight until the sensation subsided because the vibrations were making her clit sensitive.   

    I could barely sit up during my orgasm.  Much like a man gets weak while he cums and tries to keep going, I tried to control my orgasm and stay focused on stroking my husband’s dick.  Impossible.  I fell back and would have fallen off the bed if I didn’t squeeze his dick and hold myself up with it.   Think cliffhanger.   

    I loved this toy!  It nearly killed me.   – Venice Bloggs

    Once she was able to sit back up she slid the head of the double-head dildo into my anus.  It was so comfortable that I couldn’t tell it was even in me.  It felt more like she just placed it directly over my rim so I could feel the vibrations better.   As I felt the orgasm building, I noticed my wife was rotating her hips more aggressively as if she was going to cum again.   My orgasm hit me at the same time her second orgasm hit her.  She again leaned back which forced my dick to shoot cum all over her stomach.  I had to quickly sit up and snatch my dick away from her grips because she couldn’t stroke me while she came.  I held her up by grabbing one of her arms and stroking myself with my other hand.  I had to do this because while she cums she becomes a zombie and would have just held my dick and ruined my orgasm.   I finished on myself and waited for her to finish so she could support her own weight again.    I let go of her arm and flopped back down onto the bed.  We both couldn’t move for a few minutes.  

    So I guess we both approve the double-head Stimulation Dildo.  

    The SHD King 3 Double-Head Stimulation Dildo Pros and Cons


    • The dildo is flexible so a woman could use this toy all to herself.  She could place the dildo in her vagina and bend it so the other side is touching her clit.  Or she could place the other side in her anus.
    • It has two different vibrating parts so it can pleasure you in various ways.
    • Good for lesbians in the tribbing position.
    • A Great way for a couple to  scissor and place both ends inside their bodies and masturbate together.  This could be done with a gay couple, lesbian couple, or a female / male couple.  
    • It is sized perfectly for a couple that do not want to be overwhelmed with girth.  Both ends are slim (1.18″ & 1.35″).  This helps 


    • The double-head dildo could be a bit longer so you do not have to move so close to your partner.   The longer, the better.

    More Information and Price: $57.99

    Buy SHD King 3 Double-Head Stimulation Dildo



    Website product Description:

    This dual-ended dildo vibrator by S-hande is designed for confidential play between partners or couples. This is made ideal for those couples who are always in search of more and more pleasure and fun. The huge realistic women’s dildo vibrator is the perfect sex tool for couples and lesbians as it is shaped in a way that will give superb ejaculation to both partners. Its pliable and real angle also matters a lot.  This vibrator has a design of 2 motors to bring stimulation. It has a unique function to offer 9 variable modes of vibrations. It will give 9 different earthquake frequencies and 9 variable weak shock frequencies. These variations of frequencies give a variation of pleasure ways. 

    This product is composed of safe pliable silicone material that is easily bendable or pliable for stimulation of the G spot. This is done from a good angle. This dildo vibrator is available in two beautiful colors including purple and magenta. It is made up of ABS and soft medical-grade silicone material. This material used is skin-friendly and will give a soft realistic touch. It has got a mute design as it produces less noise which is negligible. It produces a sound that is less than 40 decibels during its use. You can use it with comfort as it is friendly and lovely to use without producing any kind of disturbance or noise.

    The S-hande vibrator has a magnetic suction of charging and after it is fully charged you can enjoy its prolonged pleasure for a continuous 0.5 or 1.5 hours. It requires 3 hours for being fully charged. With a power capacity of 420mAh or 3.7v, it is made totally USB rechargeable. It is charged by a PC, charging treasure, wall charger, or car charger. Its design is IPX7 waterproof. You can explore more fun by using it underwater.

    Material: Medical Soft Silicone, Medical silicone+ABS
    Power: Rechargeable, 3.7V/420mAh
    Weight: 234g
    Size: 304mm*38mm*35mm
    Function: 2*9 modes vibration
    Charging Time: 3 hours
    Work Time: 0.5-1.5 hours
    Noise: <40db
    Waterproof: IPX7

    We are not affiliated with Honeysx and get no revenue from this review.  Our goal isn’t to make money promoting things in hopes you buy it, rather we are just sharing our reviews on products we have tried and want to share with our readers. This item was sent to us as a promotional product under the terms and condition that if we did not enjoy the product, we are not obligated to write or publish a review.   All reviews are just our opinions and experiences.

    Sex Toy Review: The War of Two Dildos

    The War of Two Dildos

    To vibrate or to not vibrate, that is the question.

    After so many years of doing reviews of various sex products, it can get boring.  In fact, so boring that we stopped doing reviews altogether and retired our bodies from being silicone guinea pigs for the masses.   After taking years off from dildos, we decided to unretire and test out two products and compare them.  

    Let’s cut right to the pros and cons of each dildo.

    The Erocome Hydrae Remote Controlled Realistic 8″ Dildo Pros and Cons


    • It’s outer skin is extremely soft with a hard middle.  This is probably the most realistic dildo I have ever felt in comparison to an actual 100% erect penis.   When I say 100% erect, I mean a penis in the hardened state of right before it cums. 
    • It thrusts and is literally a sex machine.  Put a pillow against it and it feels the same as any sex machine would feel, thrusting in and out of your body.  The cheapest sex machine on the market, by far.
    • It isn’t too thick, which I love.  I personally do not like thick dildos.  However, it goes from what appears to be about 6″ compact to nearly 8″ as it lengthens.  This thing can hit the p spot / bottom of any woman. 
    • It actually warms up and gives you the feeling of a real-life penis filled with fresh new blood.


    • Although it is the most realistic dildo I have felt in comparison to a 100% erect penis, it has no give.  Much like an erect penis.  Unfortunately, while sitting up using this dildo and giving my husband a blowjob, it was uncomfortable because you cannot angle it inside your body.  It’s unforgiving.  Because of the technology behind the thrusting, the mechanism in the middle is solid. 
    • You have to charge it.


    The Pros and Cons of the Honeysx Ultra-Soft Liquid Silicone Dildo


    • It is thick  enough to stretch your vagina (but not overly thick) and long enough to hit the deepest spots.  Due to the size, the lower 2 inches did not fit inside my body so instead it bends and rubs against my clitoris.   A perfect storm of sensations.  Thick, deep, and clitoris stimulation.
    • Extremely easy to clean.
    • It bends so it is much more forgiving than the thrusting dildo.
    • No need to charge.


    • The outer skin is not nearly as soft as the thrusting dildo and does not feel as realistic.

    Now that we have the pros and cons out of the way, I just want to clarify we thoroughly enjoyed both products.   In fact, my husband enjoyed the thrusting dildo just as much as me, especially since it had a very realistic feeling.  He has now lost his anal virginity twice, once to my finger, and once to the thrusting dildo I stuck inside him while giving him a blow job.  He loved it.  He did not try the other dildo, since the outer material seemed a bit harder and it was too thick for his liking.  However, I did try both and enjoyed the different sensations.  Believe it or not, I had a more orgasmic experience with the plain dildo.  This is probably because my husband wore it like a strap on and I sat on his lap while we kissed and made out.  I rode the dildo until I was extremely high from sex and orgasmic.  It was enjoyable.  With the thrusting dildo, my husband also wore it like a strap on but also inserted his own penis inside my vagina while the dildo automatically thrusted.  This was my first experience with double vaginal penetration.  God it hurt!   But I am glad I did it.  Ryan said it was an amazing sensation because the thrusting of the dildo inside my vagina was actually massaging the underside of his cock while he was inside me.  He came all over me and it.

    Later I used the thrusting dildo solo and it relaxed me more so than made me feel like I was going to have an orgasm.  Personally, I have never been a huge fan of dildos, but if I did use one, I would prefer it to relax me.   I enjoy a proper massage to my inner walls.  

    I’d recommend both products, as long as they are the sizes you are looking for.   

    More Information and Price: $89.99

    Buy Erocome Hydrae Remote Controlled Realistic 8” Silcione Dildo

    Website product Description:

    We are introducing an automatic vibrating and thrusting dildo of Erocome hydrae with balls to offer you a package of pleasure. It uses a new technology design and has a distinctive linear motor that will push by itself. The motor of the dildo is potent, and it will thrust 560 times in a minute. We can say that the motor of the dildo was pushed nine times in a second. The motors of the toy are potent and durable. The maximum distance at which the thrusting motion will move is about 5cm. It has a boost button to help you reach a heaven of pleasure. The hydrae has a head that will rotate, and it will make sure that it is hitting all your excitement spots.

    The Erocome Hydrae is available in beautiful vanilla skin color. It is designed in an improved size to offer excitement. It will fulfill all your wishes without extending the user out too thin. It provides heating functions also. The heat of up to 42-degree Celsius is very stimulating. It copies the natural body temperature for ideal functioning. It is boilable as it takes temperature to 100 degrees Celsius, and you can carry it with you anywhere. The shaft will take care of the internals, and vibrations will calm your body to some extent. The balls will strike your clitoris to give pleasure. It is an all-around toy. The hydrae toy contains body-safe silicone and ABS plastic material. It has an insertable length of 170mm or 6.69 inches.

    It has a powerful base design of suction for giving hands-free play. The powerful suction cup base will stick to the soft surface of your wish. The wireless remote-control feature will provide you with more chances for play. You can control the remote or pass it over to someone else. The Erocome hydrae has a rechargeable battery and a waterproof design. You can enjoy it whenever you want.

    Color: Vanilla
    Material: Silicone, ABS Plastic
    Weight (Product): 450 g (15.8 oz)
    Length (Product): 220 mm (8.6″)
    Insertable Length (Product): 170 mm (6.69″)
    Diameter (Product): 37 mm (1.4″)


    More Information and Price: $36.99

    Honeysx Ultra-soft liquid silicone dildo

    Website product Description:

    Perfect size for most females / length 9.44”, width 1.65”
    Super strong suction cup, hands free play
    Raised veins, squeezable balls, distinct glans, 
    Soft material and can bend at will without deformation
    It can be cleaned with water and soap, without using silicone lubricant
    100% waterproof and can make bathing more enjoyable


    Total length: 9.44 inches /24 cm
    Insertable length: 7.08 inches /18 cm
    Diameter: 1.65 inches/4.2 cm
    Weight: 465g

    We are not affiliated with Honeysx and get no revenue from this review.  Our goal isn’t to make money promoting things in hopes you buy it, rather we are just sharing our reviews on products we have tried and want to share with our readers. This item was sent to us as a promotional product under the terms and condition that if we did not enjoy the product, we are not obligated to write or publish a review.   All reviews are just our opinions and experiences.

    Sex Toy Review: Adrien Lastic Touche Powerful Finger Sleeve Vibrator

    Adrien Lastic Touche Powerful Finger Sleeve Vibrator

    This is an all-time favorite sex toy for us.  Keyword:  US.  Although this may be a great toy for a woman’s solo session, most of our reviews are about how we use an item as a couple.  And this is perfect companion for our oral sex sessions.

    For me, making my wife orgasm started with clitoral stimulation.  It was the only way she knew how to cum and I had no experience myself.  So Venice walked me through how to move my tongue around her clitoris and mimic how she would make herself cum with her fingers.  This was literally done hands on, pun intended.  I can still remember coming up from between her legs to ask her if I am doing it right and what I should do next.  I also remember her pushing my head back down and saying, “Just keep doing what you’re doing and stopping to ask me questions!”   This was pre sex blogs and websites that go into detail how to perform oral sex.  So we were on our own.   

    A few of her requirements during oral sex:   

    1. A single finger putting pressure inside her (and this requirement works GREAT with this Vibrating Finger Sleeve)
    2. Her playing with her own nipples
    3. My tongue circling and gently flicking her clitoris. 

    There are a lot of variations and different things we can do during oral sex, whether it be anal cunninglingus, sucking on her lips, licking deep inside her, or various other things, but the 3 requirements above are how we settle down and hit our rhythm.

    Over the years Venice’s body has changed and how she orgasms has also changed, but oral sex will always have a special place for us.   And our technique is pretty simple:   a lot of clitoris stimulation and a single finger inside her.   And this is why we loved the Finger Sleeve Vibrator.

    The G Spot is a tricky thing.  Regardless of how well you think you know a woman’s anatomy, the G Spot pressure point seems to move around inside a woman and these erogenous zones can change depending on where a woman is in her monthly cycle.   I have a specific spot I love to massage, directly under the clitoris inside her vagina.  It feels like a small muscle and I rub back and forth and feel it get extremely hard during her climax.  I believe this is the underside of her clitoris, so she enjoys this stimulation.  However, I also rub the G Spot, which is a bit higher up from the area I like to focus on.   So to make sure my wife gets the appropriate stimulation,  I tend to move around and rub back and forth.   Venice really enjoys this and has grown accustomed to feeling this stimulation.  If I keep my finger still or do not stick a finger inside her during oral sex, she will usually request it at some point in order to reach her climax.  Well, this finger sleeve helps me hit both of my spots at the same time.  It extends about an inch deeper than the tip of my finger.  So I can rub the area that I tend to focus on, while at the same time the vibrating tip of this finger sleeve will rest on the G Spot.  Absolutely perfect!

    This gadget (yes, this is a gadget) is just all around neat.  The rechargeable battery and controls are a watch-like device you wear around your wrist.    It actually feels like wearing an iwatch.  You press the button and it vibrates the finger sleeve.  There is a small wire that runs from the watch to the sleeve.  Much like most vibrators, you can change to 10 different vibration modes and figure out what works the best for you.   I felt like a little boy learning to eat pussy all over again because I would stop licking and ask my wife which mode she liked the best.   She responded back by pushing my head back down between her legs and saying, “Just keep doing what you’re doing and stopping to ask me questions!”   


    This sex toy was probably one of the most pleasurable toys I have tried since the Hitachi wand.  It has a real-life use case for us in our normal sex life.  It feels comfortable, it hits the perfect spot, and unlike putting a vibrator on a penis or dildo, the man can put his finger on your erogenous zones and really hit your spot.   It didn’t make my actual orgasm better, but it did make my sexual high prior to the orgasm much better!   And that sex high is why sometimes I prefer oral sex over actual sex.  During oral sex I can enjoy a prolonged relaxing sensation prior to my climax.  And this finger sleeve definitely helps my body release the endorphins and oxytocins I normally get during the climax build up.  I love this freaking toy! 

    Other information:

    • This finger sleeve can be used like a bullet or small vibrator.  If a woman is good with her hands and enjoys moving her fingers around her vagina as she masturbates, this finger sleeve gives you a bionic finger.   Although we did not use it for self-pleasure, I assume this thing can please any woman who likes the vibrating sensation directly on her clit.  The modes are powerful and this finger packs a punch!
    • The battery is not inside your vagina!   Need I say more?  A lot of wireless devices have the actual battery inside your vagina, especially the other finger sleeves I have seen.  If you have ever had a phone melt in your hand because of a bad battery, then you know why this is a good thing.  The battery is the watch.    GREAT design.
    • I used to think the Nintendo Power Glove was so bad ass.  Now I have a bionic finger!  


    More Information and Price: $67.99

    Buy Adrien Lastic Touche Powerful Finger Sleeve Vibrator Here

    Finger Sleeve Vibrator


    Website product Description:

    Adrien Lastic Touche Powerful Finger Sleeve Vibrator

    The smallest and most powerful vibrating finger on the market. Touche is a small and powerful finger sleeve with vibration function. With its round and wide fingertips, you can more easily touch your G-spot and enjoy new happiness.

    This wonderful vibration sleeve is available in two sizes. It is suitable for any finger size. It fits perfectly with your fingers and provides enhanced stimulation. It is very suitable for foreplay, sex or personal use.

    Your body is a treasure, so you need a toy to help you take care of it. Touch becomes a part of your hand, and perfect positioning and placement becomes very easy and pleasant, thus enhancing touch, massage and play, whether as a partner or alone.

    • Made of Silica Gel, safe and non-poisonous. 
    • Finger massager, control in your hand!
    • With a nice and disguise appearance, handy and portable.
    • An intimate sex toy for masturbation & foreplay, for girls & couples.
    • It will bring a lot of fun, for yourself & your lover.


    • Material: 100% Premium Super Soft Silicone and ABS
    • Modes: 1 Powerful Motors,10 Vibration Modes
    • Battery: Lithium battery
    • Weight: Large:235 gr
    • Size: 8.9 cm X 2.2 cm
    • Rechargeable: Rechargeable by USB Cable

    Even though we are not affiliated I still wanted to give a big thank you to Honeysx for this one!  Customer service has been quick, shipping was fast, and so far we have had a top-notch experience working with this sex toy store.  The biggest perk for me is that they do take payment through Paypal, which is a company I trust with my financial information.   If you are looking for a new toy, make sure you check out their inventory.  They have a lot of things I have never seen in my life (see our last review).

    We are not affiliated with Honeysx and get no revenue from this review.  Our goal isn’t to make money promoting things in hopes you buy it, rather we are just sharing our reviews on products we have tried and want to share with our readers. This item was sent to us as a promotional product under the terms and condition that if we did not enjoy the product, we are not obligated to write or publish a review.   All reviews are just our opinions and experiences.