Sex Toy Review: Adrien Lastic Touche Powerful Finger Sleeve Vibrator

Adrien Lastic Touche Powerful Finger Sleeve Vibrator

This is an all-time favorite sex toy for us.  Keyword:  US.  Although this may be a great toy for a woman’s solo session, most of our reviews are about how we use an item as a couple.  And this is perfect companion for our oral sex sessions.

For me, making my wife orgasm started with clitoral stimulation.  It was the only way she knew how to cum and I had no experience myself.  So Venice walked me through how to move my tongue around her clitoris and mimic how she would make herself cum with her fingers.  This was literally done hands on, pun intended.  I can still remember coming up from between her legs to ask her if I am doing it right and what I should do next.  I also remember her pushing my head back down and saying, “Just keep doing what you’re doing and stopping to ask me questions!”   This was pre sex blogs and websites that go into detail how to perform oral sex.  So we were on our own.   

A few of her requirements during oral sex:   

  1. A single finger putting pressure inside her (and this requirement works GREAT with this Vibrating Finger Sleeve)
  2. Her playing with her own nipples
  3. My tongue circling and gently flicking her clitoris. 

There are a lot of variations and different things we can do during oral sex, whether it be anal cunninglingus, sucking on her lips, licking deep inside her, or various other things, but the 3 requirements above are how we settle down and hit our rhythm.

Over the years Venice’s body has changed and how she orgasms has also changed, but oral sex will always have a special place for us.   And our technique is pretty simple:   a lot of clitoris stimulation and a single finger inside her.   And this is why we loved the Finger Sleeve Vibrator.

The G Spot is a tricky thing.  Regardless of how well you think you know a woman’s anatomy, the G Spot pressure point seems to move around inside a woman and these erogenous zones can change depending on where a woman is in her monthly cycle.   I have a specific spot I love to massage, directly under the clitoris inside her vagina.  It feels like a small muscle and I rub back and forth and feel it get extremely hard during her climax.  I believe this is the underside of her clitoris, so she enjoys this stimulation.  However, I also rub the G Spot, which is a bit higher up from the area I like to focus on.   So to make sure my wife gets the appropriate stimulation,  I tend to move around and rub back and forth.   Venice really enjoys this and has grown accustomed to feeling this stimulation.  If I keep my finger still or do not stick a finger inside her during oral sex, she will usually request it at some point in order to reach her climax.  Well, this finger sleeve helps me hit both of my spots at the same time.  It extends about an inch deeper than the tip of my finger.  So I can rub the area that I tend to focus on, while at the same time the vibrating tip of this finger sleeve will rest on the G Spot.  Absolutely perfect!

This gadget (yes, this is a gadget) is just all around neat.  The rechargeable battery and controls are a watch-like device you wear around your wrist.    It actually feels like wearing an iwatch.  You press the button and it vibrates the finger sleeve.  There is a small wire that runs from the watch to the sleeve.  Much like most vibrators, you can change to 10 different vibration modes and figure out what works the best for you.   I felt like a little boy learning to eat pussy all over again because I would stop licking and ask my wife which mode she liked the best.   She responded back by pushing my head back down between her legs and saying, “Just keep doing what you’re doing and stopping to ask me questions!”   


This sex toy was probably one of the most pleasurable toys I have tried since the Hitachi wand.  It has a real-life use case for us in our normal sex life.  It feels comfortable, it hits the perfect spot, and unlike putting a vibrator on a penis or dildo, the man can put his finger on your erogenous zones and really hit your spot.   It didn’t make my actual orgasm better, but it did make my sexual high prior to the orgasm much better!   And that sex high is why sometimes I prefer oral sex over actual sex.  During oral sex I can enjoy a prolonged relaxing sensation prior to my climax.  And this finger sleeve definitely helps my body release the endorphins and oxytocins I normally get during the climax build up.  I love this freaking toy! 

Other information:

  • This finger sleeve can be used like a bullet or small vibrator.  If a woman is good with her hands and enjoys moving her fingers around her vagina as she masturbates, this finger sleeve gives you a bionic finger.   Although we did not use it for self-pleasure, I assume this thing can please any woman who likes the vibrating sensation directly on her clit.  The modes are powerful and this finger packs a punch!
  • The battery is not inside your vagina!   Need I say more?  A lot of wireless devices have the actual battery inside your vagina, especially the other finger sleeves I have seen.  If you have ever had a phone melt in your hand because of a bad battery, then you know why this is a good thing.  The battery is the watch.    GREAT design.
  • I used to think the Nintendo Power Glove was so bad ass.  Now I have a bionic finger!  


More Information and Price: $67.99

Buy Adrien Lastic Touche Powerful Finger Sleeve Vibrator Here

Finger Sleeve Vibrator


Website product Description:

Adrien Lastic Touche Powerful Finger Sleeve Vibrator

The smallest and most powerful vibrating finger on the market. Touche is a small and powerful finger sleeve with vibration function. With its round and wide fingertips, you can more easily touch your G-spot and enjoy new happiness.

This wonderful vibration sleeve is available in two sizes. It is suitable for any finger size. It fits perfectly with your fingers and provides enhanced stimulation. It is very suitable for foreplay, sex or personal use.

Your body is a treasure, so you need a toy to help you take care of it. Touch becomes a part of your hand, and perfect positioning and placement becomes very easy and pleasant, thus enhancing touch, massage and play, whether as a partner or alone.

  • Made of Silica Gel, safe and non-poisonous. 
  • Finger massager, control in your hand!
  • With a nice and disguise appearance, handy and portable.
  • An intimate sex toy for masturbation & foreplay, for girls & couples.
  • It will bring a lot of fun, for yourself & your lover.


• Material: 100% Premium Super Soft Silicone and ABS
• Modes: 1 Powerful Motors,10 Vibration Modes
• Battery: Lithium battery
• Weight: Large:235 gr
• Size: 8.9 cm X 2.2 cm
• Rechargeable: Rechargeable by USB Cable

Even though we are not affiliated I still wanted to give a big thank you to Honeysx for this one!  Customer service has been quick, shipping was fast, and so far we have had a top-notch experience working with this sex toy store.  The biggest perk for me is that they do take payment through Paypal, which is a company I trust with my financial information.   If you are looking for a new toy, make sure you check out their inventory.  They have a lot of things I have never seen in my life (see our last review).

We are not affiliated with Honeysx and get no revenue from this review.  Our goal isn’t to make money promoting things in hopes you buy it, rather we are just sharing our reviews on products we have tried and want to share with our readers. This item was sent to us as a promotional product under the terms and condition that if we did not enjoy the product, we are not obligated to write or publish a review.   All reviews are just our opinions and experiences.

Sex Toy Review: QIUI Cellmate 2 BDSM Electric Shock Male Chastity Device

QIUI Cellmate 2 Electric Shock Male Chastity Device

In the past, we have tried a chastity device in the form of a metal penis cage.    Chastity devices are a fun way to BDSM role play and  show your commitment to your woman.   What was even more fun was my wife sitting on my face and turning me on, but my penis unable to get hard due to the cage restrictions.  This restriction is intense.  My shaft skin was swollen and nearly melting through the bars.  Because of this,  I was still able to cum from my wife licking up and down the cage (and her tongue still able to rub my penis skin that stuck out through the bars).  A pretty crazy experience to say the least.

The problem we had with this metal cage was throughout the work day the cage made metal “clinking” sounds as I moved around.    This was because the ball area that locks the testicles in (this is actually what holds the entire chastity devices into place) to the shaft portion of the cage, rubbed together.  Remember, this is a chastity device, so the entire role play is based on her controlling my dick throughout the entire day.  So I wore it to work.  I’m sure my co-workers couldn’t figure out why it sounded like I had a huge set of keys in my pocket, “he’s not even a  janitor though.”   The truth is, the cage was extremely bulky, created a huge eye catching bulge (the grundle gazing was intense, by both men and women co-workers), and made too much noise.   Also, as my balls began to sag throughout the day, the metal cage slowly shifted down off my penis.   Although the size wasn’t too small, the cage length is totally dependent on the testicles holding everything in place.  So the more your testicles sag, the more the cage slowly slid down your shaft.   This is a bit difficult to explain if you haven’t tried one for yourself.  So try it.  

Anyway, we ended up using the cage for a day, had oral sex with it on that night, and once my wife unlocked my cock, she never locked it away again.  

Enter:  QIUI Cellmate 2.   This isn’t a cage, it’s a penis shock collar.  This is a total control device that allows your partner to monitor every move you make (or your penis).   If you try to take it off?  She knows.  If your penis gets turned on and begins to grow?  She knows.  Not only does she know, she can shock you into submission if you are not behaving.  What’s even better?   Everything is totally controlled through the QIUI app, even the unlocking.   That’s right, there is no key that you can lose.  If she doesn’t release you, you aren’t getting out.  It’s as simple as that.  Talk about power.   This is something every woman should lock her man into if she is DOM.   

In my experience, the device fit much more snug on my penis (there are two sizes to choose from) that the cage I used because the app-controlled bar that locks the scrotum into the device is a tight fit and regardless of how saggy your testicles get, it stays in place.  This device is the real deal when it comes to total control.  The only pleasure I could receive in this thing was mental.  Knowing that no matter how turned on I got, I wasn’t going to get a release unless she released the device.   Not only can this thing prevent you from having an erection, if my wife noticed that I was getting swollen and turned on, she could shock my penis back into it’s shriveled state.  Even though the shock isn’t bad, it’s definitely noticeable.  There is also different modes such as vibrate so it doesn’t shock, but instead vibrates.

So did this device shock me into submission?  Did it keep me from orgasming?  Yea right.  Although this device kept me from getting stimulation through the penis, the anus is still totally in play.  And this is the perfect time for your partner to explore your prostate and dominate you into cumission through pegging or fingering you.   Which is exactly what we did.

And what’s so sexy about that?  Well, the QIUI Cellmate 2 has a nice sized penis hole that allows your semen to put on a show when it drips out.  My wife loved it.  This hole also allows you to use the bathroom during the day while locked up.

So if you are in the market for a chastity device that can be great for training and teaching a man to appreciate anal pleasure, take all control from him and his penis, and enjoy BDSM role play, this is the one.   

Extra things I noticed:  

  • The QIUI app keeps track of any time the cage is unlocked.  So if you were to grab your partners phone and unlock yourself, she can check her account history and it shows when and where you were unlocked.  In other words, there really isn’t a way to take off the chastity device without your Dom knowing.   
  • The QIUI app also seems to have a community feature where you can have random people all over the globe using the app vote on a post you make.  The more votes you get, the longer you stay locked in. You heard that correct, the app actually forces you to keep your penis locked in depending on the amount of votes users give (of course the original post is voluntary, so the person decides if they want to ask the community to keep them locked in). 
  • I panicked a bit when unlocking my device and it didn’t seem to respond.  On my device, I had to move the rod that locks in my testicles forward a tad, to get it to unlock freely.  For a second I thought I was going to have to break out a sledge hammer and bolt cutters.   
  • Admittedly I am not into pain, shocking, or locking my junk into a device that has a battery.  When you are locked in, you are LOCKED in.  Be careful with this type of device as if you have to put on warning labels on packages because it contains a battery, maybe you should take heed to that when you are putting it on your package.  

More Information and Price: $136.99 

Buy QIUI Cellmate 2 Here


Website product Description:

  • Cellmate 2 Suitable for BDSM Training and has remarkable characteristics.

    •  1. APP control no need to worry about finding keys, unlock and punish any place with internet
    •  2. Timed electric shock wake up the penis according to your preference
    • 3. Three modes vibration tremor: and acupuncture are different every time, making people look forward to and scared, and play bdsm to the extreme
    • 4. Timing unlocking no need to connect to the network, after setting the timing unlocking, the lock body will automatically open.
    The cardinal testicle is the biggest problem of the chastity cage. After two years of painstaking research, the designer has created an original six-stage adjustable ring. No matter your size, there is nowhere to escape
  • Ergonomic Design
    The device is only 80 grams, comfortable to wear, scientific porous design, breathable and comfortable, so that you can wear it for a long time. Whether you go shopping mall, at work or by bus, without affecting  and no embarrassing
  • Stomatal Design
    Multiple ventilation holes let your dick breathe freely without being stuffy
  • Urinating Mouth
    The unique curve design is more suitable for your penis, the large opening urinary tract design,  splash-proof, easy to clean
  • Matte Material
    Made of environmentally friendly soft rubber skin-friendly, hypoallergenic, lightweight, rubber coating on the surface, strong and comfortable suitable for long-term wear
  • Fast Charge Mode
    Equipped with rechargeable lithium battery, wireless charging card holder, realizing wired and wireless fast charging, don t worry about the trouble of running out of electricity
  • IPX6 Waterproof
    in the bathroom or pool to use wherever you want, to enjoy different orgasm pleasure, more experience, enjoy the sexual time, so your dick presumptuous love and enjoy!


    Long size: 12*3.7cm weight 80g
    Short size: 11*3.7cm weight 60g

We are not affiliated with honeysx and get no revenue from this review.  Our goal isn’t to make money promoting things in hopes you buy it, rather we are just sharing our reviews on products we have tried and want to share with our readers. This item was sent to us as a promotional product under the terms and condition that if we did not enjoy the product, we are not obligated to write or publish a review.   All reviews are just our opinions and experiences.