V’s Wet Inbox – My Cervix Is Bruised?!

cervix painLast night my partner and I were having sex. It was a little rougher than usual in a position that often hurts my cervix. We changed to a more comfortable position after a few minutes, but the damage was already done, and I got a horrible cramp in my entire lower abdomen that brought me to tears. It eventually stopped hurting severely, but I’m still tender today. If it continues, I’ll absolutely see my doctor, but I’m just wondering if you or any of your readers have experienced this? ovarian cyst

Yes, I have experienced this myself many times. Although the pain can be debilitating; fortunately, it doesn’t last for more than 24-36 hours, and can even dissipate after about 12. From personal experience, I believe this cervical pain is caused by certain factors.

Position. Sex positions can definitely affect how you and your partner experience sex. What may feel good one day can be the death of you another day.

Erection strength factor. Some positions are better than others depending on “hardness.” For example, when I am on top, it’s rougher on my clitoris and the area beneath it simply because there is no leeway (push back) to provide relief from a hard penis. So what ends up happening is I end up repositioning so I don’t end up hurting myself. Since I am in control (movement, speed, depth, grinding, etc.), I can do less damage to myself. On the other hand, if I am in a position where I have less control of these things, Ryan’s hardness can inflict pain before I realize what’s happened. How? Sometimes I’ll get too excited for my own good and say, “Fuck me hard! Make me bleed!” And although I mean and love it, afterwards my body pays for it.

Cycle. Ryan can predict within a day or two when I will be on my cycle because of the positioning of my cervix, i.e. it has “dropped” making it feel as if it’s closer to the front, if that makes sense. Your hormones, and subsequently your reception to sex as a whole, during your cycle may affect the way your body reacts to sex. Again, this is from personal experience.

I consider all of these things before I let my concern of a bruised cervix lead to me to call my OB. As I said, after about a day or two, I’m usually feeling fine. It starts off with a bit of limping and unilateral lower abdominal pain. Why? Because it depends on our sex positions. Ha! I’m being serious. Although rough sex has caused this type of pain since the beginning of my relationship with Ryan, a few months ago I had a more serious situation. I had a bout of lower stomach pains a few months ago that did not let up after a few days, which was exacerbated during sex. I did end up going to my OB where I was told I had an ovarian cyst, which had burst and was expected to disappear after my next period. Antibiotics helped as well. I’ve read that sex can cause ovarian cysts to burst, but why wouldn’t I want an ovarian cyst to burst!!  Get that thing out of me Ryan!  With that being said, if the pain is more server and persists, please go to your physician.

On a lighter note, I do ask to be “hurt” during sex. I tell Ryan that it reminds me of his fat cock and the damage it can inflict. I like to remind him (and me) that a penis is a dangerous weapon and should be used with care. After 19 years together, and daily fucking, it’s the little things, like a bruised cervix and a $20.00 copay to the doctor’s office and appropriate medication that keep our sex life exciting.

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You’re so funny to me.

This has happened to me with one of my lovers who has a big penis.
One time after hours of pretty rough sex, for the next few days my cervix was bruised. It eventually went away.
Now he also damaged my tailbone but that’s another story :/


How exactly do you damage a woman’s tailbone! Suplex her off the bed onto the floor? I am interested!

You have a nice hubby and I am going to tell you something that I know. Your man is in love with you and his friend. He is not going to ever leave the dick because it is the way to be wat he wants to be. He wants to see you love him too. I have a friend who is married to an older woman I have a lot of love for him and he for me.I separated from my wife and I am not sorry. She knew I have a desire to service and please a man who I am attracted to. You choose him because he was submissive to you and he married you because of your dominate personality. Hell dominate the other man too. Go for it, you know that you want to.