Sex Toy Review: Adams Sucking Oral Sex Masturbation Cup


Adams Sucking Oral Sex Masturbation Cup

To be honest with you these types of reviews are pretty easy. The Adams Sucking Oral sex Masturbation Cup does exactly what it’s supposed to do, it makes you cum.  The only issue I had was the cup is extremely tight and sucks onto your cock like nothing I have ever felt.  If it is not lubed properly it will possibly give your penis “rug burn”.  It moves aggressively and torques your cock in every which direction.  

The experience:

When we unboxed the package we were pretty excited to take the “see how fast he can cum” challenge. These days we turn everything into a challenge. It wasn’t really about if I would cum, but how fast I could cum. These products have now became more of a race where we are trying to break personal records.  Venice lubed me up pretty well and helped me get erect with oral sex.  Once I was hard, she placed my penis inside the masturbation chamber, which has a soft outer cover shaped like a vagina that is pleasurable. 

She then started the stop watch.

Inside the chamber is a 4″ textured cup that spins, thrusts, vibrates, and does everything your mind can imagine.  Venice simply held it over my cock and waited. \

50 seconds…

Venice stopped and reminded me that the masturbator didn’t beat her record.  Although I didn’t realize I was up against her 46 second orgasm she had given me with oral sex once upon a time, she made sure I knew she was better. 

1 minute 30 seconds…

The Adams Masturbator felt amazing so I decided to go into cruise control mode and was going to let it premature ejaculate me.  For me this means, make me cum without me trying.  Truth be told, 99% of my orgasms I have to decide, “Okay, now I am going to cum.”  I will then tighten my muscles or fuck in a fashion where I purposely move to make myself orgasm.  Very rarely can I sit back and get an uncontrollable orgasm. This device can definitely do this for you. 

2 minutes and 45 seconds…

Venice asked me to grabbed the masturbator for a bit so she she can suck on my balls. 

4 minutes and 55 seconds…

She slowly moved her tongue down to my guiche and then to my ass, and I came immediately.  

4 minutes and 58 seconds. đź’¦

So how did we like it?

We loved the Adams masturbator and it seems to have all the features you could expect from a male masturbator.  It charges quickly and seems to hold the charge for as long as you will need it. Unless you are having a marathon session, this thing does the job. I believe your penis skin would be rubbed raw long before the battery would die. It creates a snug suction and you wouldn’t want to use this sex toy for over 20 minutes. We let it run for a while and got tired of waiting for it to die.  So the battery life is great.

Clean up is easy, as the inner cup can be removed for cleaning.  What else can I say?  If you are in the market for a new masturbator, the price is right with Adams and this is a 5 star product.   You can’t go wrong with this purchase.

Price:  $83.99

Website:  Adams 5 Sucking Oral Sex Masturbation Cup


Adams works with 5 sucking & telescoping and 10 vibrating modes together with tight vulva down and up to excite the most sensitive glans and cause you to erupt in a powerful wave of orgasmic bliss. Features a soft lifelike vulva with TPE orifice that simulating spitting, makes it simple to insert, and induces amazing climax. Your delicate shaft is massaged with every movement made by the inner sleeve’s dense granulation tentacles, which form a strong wrap around you and give you amazingly lifelike stroking sensations. IPX6 waterproof protects against all conditions. Enjoy the various suction and tightening of girlfriend’s vagina! You truly deserve it so much!


  • Upgraded, premium housing with a well-liked mechanical lens design.
  • 5 sucking & 5 telescoping & 10 vibrating bring your penis Customized Pleasure.
  • Plump entry with a tight lifelike vulva increases the thrill of breaking.
  • 3.15″ insertable depth with dense particles creates a wrapping sensation of rubbing.
  • Transparent visual window lets you watch every dynamic suction.
  • Detachable, IPX7 waterproof cares for every situation.

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