Threesome Sex Positions – ASSume the Position

Putting both partners against the wall to study their bodies and backsides.  This can be a fun dominant position for the man where each woman watches the other be pleased and fucked.   Frisking is okay.  Cavity checks are okay.  Bending over and coughing is also okay!  This is a good warm up for each person involved and gives all participants time to look at each others’ bodies and turn themselves on.

Disclaimer:  Although every position could be performed with two men and a woman, 3 men, or 3 women, our threesome sex positions we illustrate are focused on ffm threesomes, because these are the threesomes our blog and us as a couple have experienced.

Difficulty Level
Intermediate:  Having sex in the standing position is never easy

Pros & Cons
+ Dominant position that can set the pace for the entire threesome session
+ Each participant has the opportunity to look over each person’s body
Having sex in the standing position isn’t that comfortable



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