What Does It Feel Like To Cum In A Woman’s Throat

What Does It Feel Like To Cum In A Woman’s Throat

Although some readers may feel this question is more of, “Just try it…”   It’s hard to “just try it” when the woman you are committed to or in love with can’t deep throat so they may never know what it feels like to cum in a woman’s throat.  Or doesn’t want to deep throat.  When watching videos isn’t enough and you want to read what it feels like, rather than watch it, these blogs can come in handy.

When trying to explain what it feels like to cum down a woman’s throat, I must first talk about the two common positions  most women deep throat.  One would be with her faced upright toward you.  Although this is the most common position you see in porn, it is much harsher on her throat and your penis than the alternative position.  This is because no matter how wide she opens her mouth, you will feel her teeth on the way down her throat.  Look at the illustrations and the angle the dick has to bend.  It is also much harder for a woman to relax since the natural curve of your erect penis (unless you have a downward curve) will be pushing against the back of her throat trying to go up her sinus opening rather than down her throat.   Going up the throat doesn’t sound very pleasant huh?  And it’s not just rough for her, it’s also rough on your dick. 

For me, this position has actually caused my uretha to bleed!?!  The bottom teeth can be like little razors and if you slam your hard dick a bit too hard, a woman may tense up and tighten her jaw.   I got a bit too aggressive and injured myself being deepthroated.  In fact, when I came, it was bloody.  Ouch. 

Not exactly what you thought you would be reading when you clicked on this blog huh?  I blame the alcohol and being a bit too overzealous.    Grabbing the back of a woman’s head and forcing her to deep throat your cock visually seems great, but realistically, it’s extremely rough.   On you and her.  Be careful.

The best position to cum in a girl’s throat.

The alternative position is face fucking.   This is a position when the woman lays below you and you fuck her mouth exactly how you would fuck her vagina.   In my case, I can slide my dick all the way in my wife’s throat, straddling her head with my thighs, and going balls deep inside her mouth.  Because of the shape of my penis, the angle naturally goes right down her throat.   If she slightly looks up or hangs her head off the bed, it creates a direct path down her esophagus.  This also helps her relax a lot more so her jaw isn’t tense, which helps you avoid the teeth.  Since my wife has no gag reflex I can press hard against her face and feel her chin bone on my upper crotch and her nose bone smashing against my balls.  This pressure of her upper lip and nose against my balls feels amazing.  The harder I press, the deeper I go, the better it feels.  

There are so many sensations in a woman’s mouth that are hard to explain, but I will try.  First there are a woman’s actual lips, which can pucker up and create an anus like sensation on  your dick, depending on how tight she puckers.  However, when a woman is tightening her lips, her teeth tend to rub hard over the penis so I prefer my wife to open as wide as she can.  This takes a lot of trust, as she must be totally relaxed to keep her mouth open wide, throat totally ready, and teeth off your shaft.   If I was rough or wasn’t careful, I could slam my dick into the back of her throat and injure her.  The goal for me is to make sure I am sliding and following her tongue down her throat.   There have been times when I have pulled up a bit too much and slammed my dick back into her mouth and instead of it going down her throat, it hits her tonsils and bends my dick, hurting us both.  So rather than letting my dick go wherever it wants, I have to make sure I slide it in a controlled manner and always feel for the hole in the back of her throat.   Much like when you are having sex with a vagina, if you pull too far out, you may miss her hole and slide up her crotch (or down her ass crack).   

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