Threesome Sex Positions – Pile Driver

This is the only position during a threesome where I was able to cum from another woman eating me out.   The girl getting fucked is really being pounded from the back which forces her to eat pussy in a sexual rhythm.  Besides the flicking of the tongue, the woman can literally feel the movements of sex in her clit.   This is a great threesome position that everyone should try.  It is not necessary for the guy to be standing, he could be behind her normal doggy style.  However, the standing is why we call it a pile driver, because the force is much more intense due to the squatting position.  As with most positions, you could add a strap-on and any partner can take each position.

Disclaimer:  Although every position could be performed with two men and a woman, 3 men, or 3 women, our threesome sex positions we illustrate are focused on ffm threesomes, because these are the threesomes our blog and us as a couple have experienced.

Difficulty Level
Beginner:  Basic threesome position

Pros & Cons
+ The woman being licked can actually feel the movements of sex through the other girls mouth
+ Comfortable position for the woman on her back to orgasm

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