Sleeping Nude

A few years ago I asked my wife to promise me she will never lay in bed with me wearing clothes. I noticed throughout the years, we began to change our sleep schedules, change where we slept (sometimes I would sleep in different rooms just to be more comfortable), and never woke up in each others’ arms. If my wife was already in bed wearing some shorts and a tank top, I may walk past her and rub her butt, but most of the time I would take my clothes off, hop in bed with my briefs, and go to sleep. Do not get me wrong, we still had a great sex life, but sex and “bedtime” were on totally different schedules. Like I said, we would have sex, then an hour later both be sleeping in king size beds in separate rooms. I like the room completely dark, she likes to sleep with the television on. I like to have a nice side fan blowing on my body, she doesn’t like the cold air.  To most couples this would seem like a huge problem, but we were both complacent.

The truth is, it was a problem. I no longer saw my wife as someone I wanted to hold all night, touch all night, scoot close and curl my stomach around her butt while rubbing my penis against her thighs. I was turning into a colder man who was affectionate during sex, but mentally not there afterwards. A lot of it had to do with my wife shutting down as she appreciated me less. If I wanted to try something new and different, she would agree, but didn’t show any enthusiasm. The sex was never bad, but it lost the feeling of two people in love.

Back to a few years ago. My wife and I both hit a point where we knew we loved each other, but we both had the mutual feeling of boredom. The complacency wasn’t enough. The sex without enthusiasm wasn’t enough. The lack of attention she got from me wasn’t enough.  The lack of openness in the bedroom for me wasn’t enough. We decided, as a couple, to fix it.  Of course, we both had to see the problem to want to fix it.  Our catalyst was the idea that were were no longer lovers or best friends, just roommates.   It needed fixing and we both agreed.

In breaking down a few reasons I had slipped during the years, I knew I never wanted to grow up and sleep with my wife like I was on a camping trip (fully dressed and ready to run in case a bear breaks into the camper). As a kid, I felt that one day I would marry a woman and each night we would lay nude together, her on my chest, talking about our day. I let my wife know that I want her to be nude for me in bed. I want to wake up in the middle of the night and touch her body. I want to know that if I roll over and hug her, we will both be nude. For various reasons, this helped rekindle that spark we had for each other when we first moved in together. I wanted to touch her again, I wanted to hug her all throughout the night, I wanted to rub myself on her and let her feel my naked body against hers. It was sex, without intercourse. A new form of intimacy that even as a new couple we didn’t appreciate. I could hold my nude body against hers for the entire night, falling in love again.

For me, this nudity came very easy. I love being nude, I love showing my wife my body, and I love to feel the freedom of things hanging where they hang. My wife had a harder time with this, as sometimes she would lay in bed with panties and a shirt, sometimes just her panties. I’d come across the bed and feel down her tummy to her thighs and immediately ask why she was wearing panties. She’d look at me, smile, and say she forgot because she wasn’t used to doing it. That’s all it took for her to remove her clothing, but she had to reverse what she had conditioned herself to do for her entire life. For her, sleeping nude didn’t come natural. She felt safe with more clothing. I wanted her to feel safe with me.

After a few months, I noticed my wife would only wear a robe around the house after a shower.  She may put on a sun dress or something simple, but she would not put on a bra or panties. Before bed, she’d slip off her outfit and lay in bed, nude, no covers, letting me see her body. If she is on her stomach reading, I know she wants me to lick and massage her. If she is on her back, I know she is getting tired and wants me to touch and make out with her before bed. She no longer forgets, in fact, it’s just the opposite. At night I will go out with my wife and notice she will not be wearing panties under her dresses. For whatever reason, she has taken a liking to her new freedom, and I enjoy knowing she is breaking out of her shell.  I want her to enjoy her body as much as I do, and how can I not give her attention knowing my wife is a hand slide away from me feeling her vagina or ass? I love it. I love being around her, I love talking to her, I love hearing what she has to say, because I feel close to her again. I feel like she wants me close to her. She wants me to touch her wherever I can.  She wants me to fuck her, whenever and wherever I can.  I feel like the effort she puts into letting me know she wants me turned on and near her, makes me try throughout the day to show her, I want to be near her. I want to live up to her appreciation. It’s more than just nudity, it’s the call of the wild. It helped  save our marriage, it helped our sex life, and it freed us from complacency.

-This article was originally written on November 4, 2012.   It was published September 30, 2013.

Freaky Friday Search Terms – my buddy made me suck his huge dick

freakyfridayEach week we will post our most outrageous search terms that people used to find our website that week.  Ryan and I will then share our own thoughts and hopefully entertain you guys or at least make the search term make a little less sense.

Each search term was gathered by wordpress and/or google statistics and they are all very real search terms.   Each search term was used by some person in the world that ended up on our page.

10. dont cum in my wife
Or have sex with her.
Venice: Or kiss her.
Ryan: Or think about her.
Venice: At least he had some boundaries though.
Ryan: That’s true.  It could have been worse I guess.   Don’t walk up to my wife while she is in the shower after you came inside her and stick your finger up her vagina to hold the cum in like a cork.   
Venice: Now that’s a husband making a stand.

9. his n her butt plugs
Ohhhhh, here I come.
Ryan: Ohhhh, so which hole do you consider the man, your vagina or your ass?
Venice: Real cute Ryan.
Ryan:  Whatever, just know, you’ll be wearing both.
Venice: Just know, that leaves no holes for you.
Ryan: Unless you’re also buying a matching pacifier, I still have a hole.
Venice: … and that hole has teeth smart guy.
Ryan: That is NOT funny.  In fact, I am editing out that comment just so other women who read this don’t get the wrong idea.
Venice: Uh huh, we’ll see.

8. why guys don’t taste their cum
Ryan: We do, we just don’t talk about it. 
Venice: You shouldn’t give your man a choice.  Scoop it out and push it in. 
Ryan: Nice.  I imagine 100s of very straight, never taste my own cum alpha husbands, will enjoy their wives new technique you taught them tonight. 
Venice: You didn’t mind.
Ryan: Oh, so we’re having one of these days huh?
Venice: What?  I’m just saying, you didn’t mind, Mr. “Oh God, feed me my own juices and make me your bitch, Venice!”
Ryan: Wow.   I’ll be editing that one for sure.
Venice: Uh huh, we’ll see.

7. 69 techniques with ball sucking
You know at least a couple 100.
Venice: I don’t think he meant that.
Ryan: That’s funny because just last night…
Venice: That is kind of funny.   I was just doing this.
Ryan: Well, this one won’t make any sense to anyone but us, but that’s okay. 
Venice: I’ll explain.  Last night I was on top of Ryan 69ing, and I started sucking his balls while he ate my ass and vagina.   True story. 
Ryan: True story.

6. how to swallow his cum
Open your mouth and let him cum inside there.  Close mouth and swallow.
Ryan: Might be a bit too complex, can you simplify it more?
Venice: Open, close, gulp!
Ryan: Seriously, I think this person may still have trouble understanding, maybe you can just show them visually and demonstrate on me?
Venice: Okay (Link).

5. dental dam porn
Venice:  So I just googled dental dam.
Ryan: Yea, me too.
Venice: Bucket list?
Ryan: Added.

4. my buddy made me suck his huge dick
Ryan: Talk about bad luck.  Not only did he end up with a horrible friend that forces him to  suck cock, but he also happens to be  fucking huge.  
Venice: Bad luck? Luckiest friend ever!
Ryan: Ugh, you’re such a size queen.
Venice: Listen, us ladies gamble when we choose our men, okay?  We see a guy that we like and walk up to play him.  He is firm, colorful, and lights up the room, so we get excited and reach for the handle on our slot machines.  Hopefully we don’t end up at a nickle machine, you know?
Ryan: No, I don’t know.  I didn’t realize you thought of me as a damn slot machine either. 
Venice: No, you’re my jackpot.
Ryan:  Awwwwww….
Venice: I bet you won’t edit that shit out, huh.

3. how i got my man to suck cock for me
Ryan: Apparently you find him an aggressive friend with a huge cock.
Venice: Ha! 

2. how long does it take for sperm to come out of butthole
Venice: Depends really. 
Ryan: Oh man, she is about to make Bill Nye the Science Guy proud right now.
Venice: Well, there are so many variables.  The tightness of your sphincter muscles in your anus and the amount of times the penis thrust inside you to loosen those sphinter muscles.  Also, the quantity of the semen itself.  If the man has a huge load, gravity will take effect much faster. 
Ryan: Interesting stuff here.
Venice: I personally like to lay on my tummy after anal so gravity pushes the semen deeper into my colon and I  absorbs the nutrients.  I will also stay in this position a few minutes and check my twitter and E-mails.  I like to stay connected.
Ryan: She likes to absorb her jackpot.
Venice: Then finally I will rinse off, but as I do, I squeeze my sphinter muscles in my ass the entire time.  This keeps Ryan’s semen in my body, which is where I want it.  
Ryan: She likes to keep that jackpot inside her.
Venice:  I really regret that compliment now.
Ryan: Cha Ching…. jackpot baby!
Venice: Anyway, to answer your question, it stays in your colon until you use the bathroom.

1. how to give a blow job without getting juices inside the mouth
Venice: Ryan?
Ryan: Ha! 
Venice: Care to share your advice or experience with us, Bill Nye?
Ryan: Too funny.  I don’t give blow jobs, and seriously, other than that jackpot comment, I am pretty much going to edit out all your comments this week.  The new working title will be, “Ryan’s Opinion on Freaky Friday Search Terms” 
Venice: Uh huh.

V’s Wet Inbox: How Deep Is A Vagina?

how deep is the vagina“How deep is a vagina? Sometimes I see large porn stars enter all the way inside a girl, like there is no limit to how much she can take.  Other times I see a man only go 3/4 of the way in and stops.  I always wondered if this was her limit or does the guy just stop because he is taking it easy.  Do you know if a vagina bottoms out?  Like, can a guy be too big and it won’t go all the way in?  If you have experienced this, how does that feel?”

First, every woman and her vagina is unique and different, just like a man’s penis.  With that being said, I’d say the average depth of a totally stretched woman’s vagina probably mirrors the average size of a man’s, of the same race, stretched erect penis.   I do not want to get into race, but it’s been researched numerous times and different races have different sized penises.  Hopefully we can all accept this.

My own personal guestimate, from using Ryan and toys, my depth is around 6 or 7 inches.  However, I’d say I bottom out at about 3 or 4 inches.   When I say bottom out, I mean my vagina is probably literally 3 or 4 inches deep.  I can stick my finger inside and feel my cervix and my entire back wall.  It’s actually very shallow.  I have learned though, with Ryan, that once the penis hits the back wall, it can stretch back maybe another 3 or 4 inches inside our bodies before it stops.   I assume this is what drives most men crazy.  They can feel our back walls rubbing against their shaft as they push deeper than our bodies can go.

Once my vagina stretches to that 7 inch point, it absolutely stops. Is there a limit?  I would say yes. Once it stretches to that point, it doesn’t go further.  Not only does it stop, it hurts.  Only when I’m extremely horny and in the mood for an intense pain does it feels good, but most of the time it really does hurt and makes me jump out of position and slap my man on his hips or chest.  If a woman can slowly stretch more and more, I have no idea.  I’d assume, like everything on our bodies, it can be stretched beyond it’s limits throughout time.  I have seen large porn cocks, like 10 inches, and the woman takes IT ALL.  I don’t know if they just take the pain that comes along with being fucked by a huge dick, but that sharp pain does nothing for me.  I’ve tried to endure this pain, but sometimes it hurts so bad that I have a “light period” the next day or I have a pain in my side.  So to see porn stars take what seems like a 10 inch dick in the vagina is crazy, but I don’t know their habits (do they stretch themselves with a dildo, do they have sex for hours at a time several times a day, etc).

Although I have experienced a penis totally bottoming out where no more can fit inside, there are different factors involved that I believe can contribute to this:

Position: There are just some positions that keep me from receiving all of my man’s dick. One is doggy style, and it’s because the angle prevents me from enjoying sex.  If I don’t enjoy sex, my man doesn’t enjoy sex. It almost feels as if his penis is drilling into my stomach. Therefore we avoid this position when his dick is 100% erect.  Another similar position I have trouble with is missionary with my legs on my man’s shoulders. This position is almost like an inverted doggy style and it feels like my vagina is curved and shortened, making it feel like the back has been tightened. Depending on Ryan’s erection quality, he isn’t getting his dick all the way in unless he wants me to cry.

Speed: If my man is fucking me slow, it doesn’t matter how hard or soft he is because he’s easing himself in and not forcing me to stretch.  If he is moving slow, even n the positions mentioned above, I can literally feel his penis hit my back walls, push in my walls, and slowly bottom out to the point the pressure builds up mini orgasms.  If he gets a bit aggressive, just once, the pain immediately throws me off.  It’s funny how some men think they know what they are doing, but working their tool inside the mysterious female body  is a lot more complex than they think.  Regardles, Ryan’s dick isn’t the same thickness or hardness every single time we have sex.  And because of his varying hardness, I have to adjust to his size every time we’re intimate.  Sometimes the thickness, hardness, or both dictate what positions and speed I enjoy the most that night.  The slower he goes, the more comfortable I am with feeling his penis put pressure on my back walls.

Pain tolerance: This goes hand-in-hand with position and speed.  If the pain is just too much for me, it becomes noticeable by me drying up.  And that can happen in a matter of seconds.  Ryan has become very skilled in reading my body language and my gasps and can differentiate my reactions of pleasure from the ones that cause pain.  In my opinion, this has contributed to him being a fantastic lover.

Dildos: Some dildos are hard and rubbery and don’t allow room for it to move back.  Whereas a penis has a little bit of leeway, meaning a man’s body is flesh so any kind of “recoil” back into his crotch will help to absorb additional length which for any reason, cannot be fully inserted into a woman’s vagina.  In other words, some guys will push so hard that their dick will actually push back into their own bodies, making the amount that goes inside the woman much less than the man’s size.  This is definitely why some positions you can take all of a man, while others you cannot.  I don’t really use dildos, but I have tried a few times.  I hate them.  A dildo is an inanimate object that can do real damage if you are not careful.  And yes, a dildo can absolutely bottom out.


December 01, 2014

Snapshot Wednesdays – Lust

lustWe have decided to add erotic photography of us to our blog each Wednesday, now known as Snapshot Wednesday.  These won’t be low quality candids or shots taken from our cell phones, these will be photographs we love from our own little photo shoots.  Hopefully these pictures will come out more like tasteful erotic art rather than amateur pornography.  We will update the gallery each week with a new photo to share with our blog followers.

This week we took a photo we have decided to name Lust.   This is something we both wanted to try, as we have both liked various pictures similar in style.  We wanted a high quality photo that focused more on the connection between Ryan and I than the naughty act of sucking balls, which for us really isn’t that naughty.    Ryan’s ball and guiche piercing showing were more of a lucky accident, but they definitely add a variety I haven’t seen before.

Freaky Friday Search Terms – pressing my cock against Filipina rectum hole stories

freakyfridayEach week we will post our most outrageous search terms that people used to find our website that week.  Ryan and I will then share our own thoughts and hopefully entertain you guys or at least make the search term make a little less sense.

Each search term was gathered by wordpress and/or google statistics and they are all very real search terms.   Each search term was used by some person in the world that ended up on our page.

10. one night in Venice anal
Ryan: Ha!  Did you get permission from Paris Hilton and Chyna for this video Venice?  This sounds a lot like a remake of  “One Night In Paris” and “One Night In Chyna”
Venice: Oh, damn. Did someone “leak” a video of mine? 
Ryan: Sells so far:  2.
Venice:  Hey, that’s 1 more than the Screech Sex Tape!
Ryan:  That’s true.

9. when a men fucks a women how sperm goes inside vagina help
Ryan: How does the sperm get inside her vagina?
Venice: He sounds like he could be Asian.
Ryan: That’s not right.

8. пенис 21 сантиметр
Venice:  This is Russian for “21 inch penis.” Thank you, Google Translate Language Detector.
Venice: Oh god. Don’t start.
Venice: Just stop Ryan.  That’s like the only Russian you know and it isn’t even Russian. 
Venice: …
Ryan: Get your hands up!  Do you need a google translate language detector, it’s time to go to school!
Ryan: Ha!!!  That’s why I love you.

7. cum inside no permission
That’s called a condom sweetheart.
Venice: Too bad so sad.

6. walked in on my husband jerking off to porn on his phone
Ryan:  I don’t get how you could really enjoy a porn on such a small screen. 
Venice: Maybe he was Asian?
Ryan: Ha!  You are such a racist.
Venice: Hey, if the truth fits, wear it.
Ryan: Wrong.
Venice: The shoe hurts?
Ryan:  Oh god, stop fucking with me.  So the lady walks in on her husband stroking it to porn on his phone.
Venice: I guess his phone isn’t as smart as he thought it was….
Ryan: The new Dumb Phone!  It has no mute button function and turns your phone’s volume all the way up any time it loads a porn. 
Venice: It automatically sends all sext messages with strange women to your spouse’s email.   
Ryan: Every time you send a random penis picture to gay men on craigslist, it forwards it to your entire office.  2 year contract and activation fees required.
Venice: This just in, Chuck, apparently there has been a new surge of men buying flip phones and beepers.  We can’t explain this technological dumbing down phenomenon.
Ryan: Ha, Chuck huh.  Didn’t want to go with the classic Dick?
Venice: … oh you’re setting me up with that one.  Oh. No. Ryan. I. Don’t. Want. To. Go. With. The. Classic. Dick. You. Give. Me. All. The. Dick. I. Can. Handle.
Ryan:  Oh yea?  And you’re stupid!

5. wife says my penis is perfect does that mean its small
Venice: Probably.
Ryan: There are a few words you do not want to hear when your wife describes your penis.  One is definitely, “perfect.”  A few others:  Adorable. Cute. Precious. Cozy. 
Venice:  Or tiny.
Ryan:  Yea, tiny wouldn’t be good for sure.  We want to hear things like, magnificant.  Amazing.  Breathtaking. 
Venice: Huge.
Ryan:  Yea, or huge, that’s always good.
Venice: Horse-like.
Ryan: Yea, horse-like would be pretty cool to hear.  I mean, I personally wouldn’t know because like, it isn’t something thrown in my direction on the daily.
Venice: I’ve called you my little pony!
Ryan: Yea, uh, not quite the fucking same as horse-like  but whatever.  The jury is still out on that one.  The whole, little-pony thing.  I mean, technically, I guess a pony would be more hung than a human, but in comparison to a horse, it’s smaller.  Plus, why does it have to be a little pony?  Why not a normal pony or maybe even a pony that children may mistake as a small horse? 
Venice: It’s better than calling it a Carebear right?
Ryan:  Way off topic, but yes, I guess it would be better than it being called a Carebear.
Venice:  Exactly.  Next term please!

4. pressing my cock against Filipina rectum hole stories
Venice: I love when search terms are succinct and to the point. 
Ryan: “I want a cheeseburger, grill the bun, double cheese, lite mayo, no lettuce, two pickle spears, and my cock pressed against a filipina’s rectum please.”
Venice: Would you like to supersize that?
Ryan: No, I am your little pony remember.
Venice: Let it go Ryan, just let it go.

3. why do japanese women have hairy pussy’s
Ryan: Because it’s sexy?
Venice: To get to the other side?
Ryan: To cushion the pushin?
Venice: So their husbands won’t get mad and see there is still a lot more room in their vaginas?
Ryan: Oh wow…
Venice: Do we get like a top answer or something?  Maybe a big X on the screen like Family Fued if  we answer wrong.
Ryan:  Yea, your answer definitely gets a red X.
Venice:  Survey says!

2. mastirmation women
Ryan: Well, he didn’t totally mess that up.
Venice: If you would proof read your articles Ryan, people that spell just as bad as you would never find us.
Ryan: I do it on purpose for this exact reason.

1. adult poem on penis and pussy
Venice: I’m glad we can help students with their english projects.
Ryan: For sure, and our site is stacked with adult poems on penis and pussy.
Venice: A modern day Emily Dickinson
Ryan: You can call me Edgar Allan Poke
Venice:  I’ll call you Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Ryan:  Or William Shakespears
Venice: Okay, you’re reaching…
Ryan:  What, shake spheres, like shake two balls?
Venice: Let’s just end it there.
Ryan: Shakespears, like he strokes and make his balls bounce.  Get it?
Ryan: Venice?
Ryan: Whatever, William Shakespears wasn’t a reach at all.