Q&A: How do you enjoy sex if you have it everyday?

1287554731Mark via the internet

If I read your bio correctly, you guys have sex once or twice a day?  I am curious how a couple can even enjoy sex if they have it every day.  Do you change positions non stop, talk different and role play, or add anything extra each day to make sex more enjoyable?   I have sex with my wife maybe twice a week and we are both scared that if we had it more, we may end up hating it.  We do different positions and even role play, but I am just boggled how anyone could have sex with each other every single day and it not get completely old and boring.

Thanks guys.

Venice’s response:

I believe that the excitement of sex doesn’t just come from the sexual act itself, but from the closeness and intimacy you feel when you’re with each other.  To me, if you want to orgasm and you’re using your partner to do it, you’re already going about it the wrong way.  Sex shouldn’t be used as a time to get your rocks off.  It should be used to tell your partner that you missed her throughout the day, that you thought about her all day, that you couldn’t wait to get home to her.  It should be used to remind her of your love for her, of how her body feels on you, under you, etc.  Making love is another form of communication.  It’s like saying, “I love you and missed you” with our bodies.  Do you ever get bored or tired of hearing your partner say he/she loves you before she goes to bed or leaves for work?  If you are in love, I wouldn’t think so.  Well, making love or having sex with someone you love, is our body’s way to communicate and say we love each other.  It doesn’t get old.  It’s like naughty snuggling.  Don’t count the number of times you have sex a week.  If you feel like you want to be intimate with her, kiss her arms or her neck.  If the time is right, you will both be put in a loving, intimate mood.  On the other hand, we do use sex to satisfy our sexual needs.  I say this because a guy can jack off and a girl can grab her Hitachi Magic Wand and that would be end of that.  When we are feeling frisky and adventurous, we cut straight to the chase.  I get him hard by stroking him and talking shit, or I devour his cock and then slide myself down on him.  We’re open about the things we want to try and are constantly changing.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not.  But that is the beauty of a relationship: your partner is there to fulfill your fantasies and fetishes without judgment.  My time with Ryan doesn’t get boring.  See how I said “time”?  It’s not about sex and cumming, it’s about a break from our hectic schedules to be with your mate.

Ryan’s response:

Me and Venice  have sex twice a day, every day.  We wake up with each other and go to bed with each other.  This isn’t something we have always done, but as we grew and learned each other, we realized that to keep a relationship strong, you have to work at it.

If I want strong healthy teeth, I brush and floss daily.  If I want a strong healthy body, I work on it each day.  Whether it be eating properly, cardio, or lifting weights in the gym, it’s a lifestyle.  A relationship is no different.  If you want a healthy strong relationship, you have to be intimate and work on it each day.   If I go to the gym with a negative attitude and tell myself, “Oh my god, this is so boring to sit here and exercise.”  Guess what?  It’s going to be boring.   The first thing you adjust is your attitude.  A good sex life is a lifestyle.   If you keep a positive attitude towards sex, then sex will be amazing.  If you wake up in the morning and remind yourself how much you love your partner, how can that get boring?  Not only will sex be amazing, but your mind will be preoccupied with your partner throughout the day.  If you know each night that no matter what, you will get to experience your partner’s positive attitude, enthusiasm, and body, the pressure free atmosphere of sex becomes the most relaxing part of your day.    I do not ask myself if I will get lucky tonight, I do not have to.  I can kiss on my wife and hug her without her feeling I am doing this to get something back.  Whether I kiss her or not, we both know, we are going to be intimate with each other.  There are no hidden agendas behind our affection.  There is no resentment towards how we treat each other to get what we want, because our sex life is our lifestyle.  We do for each other because we want too, we have sex each night because we understand it will keep our relationship strong and healthy.  How could a man or woman who sleeps with each other each morning and night, sharing intimate moments,  ever want or accidentally cheat?  How could a man who wakes up to his wife giving him enthusiastic oral sex ever want oral sex from any other woman?  The same question for a woman, except worded slightly different.  How could a woman want attention from another man if her partner is enthusiastic about giving her attention, whether it be in the bedroom or in conversation.

I can type forever regarding the importance of intimacy, but let me answer the question more directly.  Does watching TV 4 hours a day get boring?  Does sitting on the computer each night for hours get boring?  Does looking down on your phone playing Angry Birds and tweeting get boring?   Does playing with your kids and spending family time every day get boring?   People do things daily, as a part of their own lifestyle that never gets boring.  It’s what they know.  How could spending time with the person you picked, out of billions of people, to spend the rest of your precious life with it, ever get boring?   Now add being naked, whispering dirty in each others ears, smelling each others odors and feeling the warmth of their skin on yours, while taking this huge organ that only grows for her, and sliding in and out of her body ever get boring?  How could a woman not want her man hard inside her, pumping like a machine, waiting for that moment his body releases all his DNA for her insides to feel and keep.   Love and sex  don’t die with time, if done right, they get stronger.  With the right attitude it gets more powerful.  As time goes on, instead of your sex life fading into obscurity, it builds and grows into something stronger and more intense.  The things you learn, the dirty talk you gradually get braver to say, the ideas and physical feelings you never noticed, now intensified.

I’ve always loved sex, but nothing compares to having sex when both partners promise to always be as enthusiastic as they can be, no matter what is going on around them.   The more I am intimate with Venice, the more I fall in love with her.   It’s hard work staying in love, but having sex and being intimate each day makes that task so much easier.


Video: My Hidden Cam Experience

First, I figured I would post this blog since I already posted it on the site that hosts the video.  I know Ryan already said his side (boooooring — lol) here, so I figured I would put my own little spin on it, especially since I was the mastermind behind it all.

Anyway, after endless requests from different people  asking us to post a longer video, I decided not to wait for my husband’s “okay.” I hid my camera phone in the corner of the room without Ryan knowing so I could record us fucking. A few problems I encountered was I knew he wouldn’t leave all the lights on while we fucked. We prefer a dimly lit room. Although when I called Ryan into the room I had all the lights on, he saw my outfit and knew I wanted to fuck him. He immediately turned off the overhead light, which left on only the corner lamp. If I would have turned the light back on, no way he wouldn’t have known something else fishy (no vagina jokes please) was going on. If people are unhappy about that, I am sorry. It’s either a dimly lit room or no video at all, because he just wasn’t interested in recording us fuck like we were porn stars or something.

Another issue I had was him throwing my panties in the direction of the camera. I tried to hang on to my panties and lay them off to the side, but you can hear him in the video demand them. After he threw them in the direction of the camera I thought to myself, “Oh dang, what if they covered the camera completely or knocked it over.” I know that sounds dumb, but I didn’t want to mess this up. I knew afterwards I would tell him I recorded us so I wanted it to be something he liked. If it was bad, who knows if I would have ever tried it again.

Also, at the end of the video when he is fucking me in my ass, he puts a pillow over my head to shut me up. Whether the readers/viewers believe this or not, usually when we anal fuck I am very loud, which Ryan loves, but he also loves to know he can throw a pillow over my head or push my face against the sheets and make me bite down and muffle my screams. Well, with the pillow over my dang head, how will the microphone pick up what I am saying? Although it turned out okay, because thankfully our mic is amazing (records in auto mode, which supposedly picks up low and loud sounds equally), almost the entire time he was fucking my ass I had a pillow over my head completely.  If you listen, you can hear him in the video talking about how he is holding the pillow over my head.

Finally, my original idea was to totally fuck his brains out. I wanted to hop on top of him and ride him, make him my little bitch, and force him to call me the best bitch ever.  Haha. Unfortunately when we started fucking, he took over. Not only did he take over, he fucked my brains outs (face), then rolled me over and fucked my ass out. As much as I wanted to be in charge, I would never shut down my man and his manly instincts when his body and brain needs to be in control. When I felt him take over, I decided to be an obedient girl and let him handle his pussy (in this case, my face and ass) however he saw fit.

I think that is it. I was glad to see the sound came out so good, especially for a hidden cam. If you watch this video after reading this post, make sure you listen along.

A few other quick notes.  All the editing and blurring is done post edit to hide faces.  Since he had no idea it was being recorded, he moves his body out of position or face onto the camera more than I expected.

I hope you guys enjoy!

Video: Her Hidden Camera Attempt


Venice originally had an idea of using a hidden cam and recording us having sex.  She later told me that she wanted to be in control and fuck the shit out of me.  Unfortunately for her, I didn’t know her plan.   I am posting the video myself to make sure everyone knows that Venice and I do things like this, but we both fully agree and understand that the other is just trying to spice things up.   For instance, Venice has said to me that if she is ever passes out from being a little too tipsy,  she wants me to fuck her hard.  Yes, she WANTS me to fuck her hard while she is unconscious so she feels it the next day.  She loves the idea of me using her and we have no prude reservations about it being “wrong.”  We trust each other.  Which is why for me, this video was a cute attempt at her being sneaky, nothing more.  However, it didn’t work out like she planned.

I didn’t know I was on camera so if you see it get blurry or the scenes change, just remember that is all in post editing.  Venice let me watch the video the same night she recorded.  In post editing we made sure to try our best to keep the footage as real as possible without showing too much face.   If it zooms, its post edit zooming.  If it’s dark, sorry, I  turned off the light when I walked in, because there was still a lamp in the room.  She was dressed in lingerie so I kind of suspected I was going to fuck, but not on camera.  I don’t fuck with all the lights on!  I had no idea she was recording.  I also hit the camera when I threw her panties.  I had no idea.  If you are into real sex or just hidden camera footage, enjoy the show.  The video starts out kind of slow so turn the volume up if you are into dirty talk or move to around to the 7 minute mark if you are only looking for action.

As for future requests, Venice and I are not porn stars.   We blog and do this for fun, so this is about as porn as we will ever get.

A Female’s Experience With Erotic Asphyxiation

I mentioned in my article, Face Fucking, that I held my breath because it made my orgasm more intense. Why is that? My thought process was simple: in order not to throw myself off, I had to keep as still as possible, and keeping as still as possible meant not breathing. After I tell Ryan that I’m about to cum, my body tenses up and I wait for my orgasm. In that brief three-second period, I will begin holding my breath and continue doing so until I’m about halfway done with my orgasm, which is comprised of anywhere between 15-20 mini convulsions. Then I would exhale deeply as if I lost my breath and was just getting it back. I thought that was weird, too. But I figured my muscles and insides were racing, causing me to “work” without really moving. Kind of like holding a push-up in the up position – you aren’t moving, but somehow you’re tired after about a minute.

For those of you who don’t know, autoerotic asphyxiation is:

A form of sexual masochism in which oxygen flow to the brain is reduced, as by controlled strangulation or suffocation, in order to enhance the pleasure of masturbation.” (Medical-Dicionary)

Author John Curra wrote, “The carotid arties (on either side of the neck) carry oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the brain. When these are compressed, as in strangulation or hanging, the sudden loss of oxygen to the brain and the accumulation of carbon dioxide can increase feelings of giddiness, lightheadness, and pleasure, all of which will heighten masturbatory sensations.”

This may have gotten mainstream exposure since the passing of actor David Carradine, who supposedly died because of autoerotic asphyxiation. Of course this is a taboo subject and even falls into the category of being a sexual deviant. And with good reason: when the victims are found they are in compromising positions, their genitalia are hanging out (sometimes still erect), and for the first time their families get a glimpse into their unknown sexual activities. Not the way their families want to remember them. And taboo because people really don’t want to give young, impressionable minds ideas. Guess what: it’s been around longer than you think.

While the cases are few and far between, there are indeed instances where the media have been blamed for, not necessarily glorifying autoerotic asphyxiation, but by simply bringing it to the public’s eye. In the case of Herceg v. Hustler, the mother of a 14-year-old boy sues Hustler magazine because her son read about autoerotic asphyxiation in an article in their magazine (HERCEG v HUSTLER).

The term erotic asphyxiation is the nearly the same  as autoerotic asphyxiation, except you have a partner with you,  whick keeps things safer and more controlled.  In this blog, everything I do is safe and controlled.  I would not advise anyone under any circumstances to do anything I write about in this blog, even if you have a partner.

Now, this is not something I practice. But I can at least understand how some can derive pleasure from it. At first I didn’t even connect my holding my breath to the idea of erotic asphyxiation until recently. When I first heard of erotic asphxiation, I could not understand how people could find sexual gratification from being deprived of air. I couldn’t understand it because I, myself, would get too nervous about passing out and subsequently ruining my orgasm. As I stated above, I thought holding my breath helped to ensure my orgasm wasn’t ruined by my own movement. But thinking about it like this, I came to believe that it has some semblance in that the lack of oxygen enhanced the orgasm.

Chokes are no joke

Chokes are no joke

Recently I jokingly told Ryan that he should choke me as soon as I told him I was going to cum. I was scared at first because I did NOT want to pass out. I was afraid that Ryan would not know when to ease up on the choke hold and I would accidentally get hurt.  To prepare for this experiment, Ryan sat up on the bed while I laid between his legs. I spread my pussy lips open and began to stroke my clit in little circles, dipping my fingers inside and using my own froth to make my lips slick. I closed my eyes and relaxed. He squeezed my breasts and tugged on my nipples between his fingers. He licked behind my ear and on my neck, hitting the sensitive spot and shooting a sensation straight to my g-spot. My breathing became more shallow, shorter. I was starting to feel the beginning of my cum brewing. I slipped my fingers in me for more of my juice, circling my swollen lips and clit in a steady motion. I squirmed against Ryan’s body as his dick rubbed down my lower back. I moaned softly. Ryan knows to steady his movements so I don’t get distracted. I moan a little louder and tilt my head back. We both know I’m close. Ryan pinches my nipples harder and grazes my neck with his teeth. I tell him that I’m about to cum. The muscles deep in my pussy twitch twice before I feel Ryan slide his arm up; the crook of his arm embedded itself under my chin as he flexed his bicep. I see darkness closing in from the outside of my range of sight. As he squeezes harder, the heat flows in my eyes and surrounds my face. My eyes feel like they’re going to pop out as he maintains the blood choke on me. I feel only one more twitch in my pussy before I panic and lose the rest of my orgasm.

The result: there’s no possible way for me to enjoy erotic asphyxiation through this method because it’s ruined by my own panic and paranoia. However, I do hold my breathe as it does undoubtedly intensify my cum.

But the experiment isn’t over. The way I learned that I was holding my breath was when I first learned to deepthroat. Why? Because I can’t breathe! Being choked externally, I panic. I freak out when I feel hands or arms  around my neck and I’m not in control. The oxygen choke (what I get when I hold my breath or deepthroat) is a controlled choke. The blood choke (being choked by someone) is faster and one that causes fear because I cannot manage it myself. Face fucking and deepthroating are two ways in which I may have somewhat control over the amount of oxygen that enters my body. A good face fucking limits my air supply (but I control it) and gives me the most intense orgasms because I get the thrill of asphyxiation but the safety of self-control.

As a female, I cannot explain why men find erotic asphyxiation enjoyable; though I can explain why having Ryan’s dick deep in my throat (unable to breath) gives me some of the best orgasms. There have been many times where I’ve touched myself while Ryan kneeled above me.  I’d take his dick in my mouth and pull him down until he was completely in my throat; in doing so, I deprive myself of air. I want his dick deep down in my throat as I cum.  I scream on his dick while I orgasm making my throat and mouth vibrate around him.  This lasts about a minute.  Sometimes Ryan gets afraid I’m not getting enough air and slowly lifts his dick out of my throat too early, I’ll immediately yank him back down onto me so I can finish.  I’ve even told him that if he does this, it ruins my cum.  In other words, if he pulls his dick out of my throat while I am cumming, it throws off the rest of my orgasm.  I stop cumming immediately and do not fully enjoy myself.  Not good.  I want to feel my mouth, throat, and face full of his body, to the point I can’t  breath while I orgasm.  This intensifies my cums.  Most of the cases of autoerotic asphyxiation involve males, but this is MY version of it.  I may not enjoy physically being choked, but I do enjoy the intense cum and the thrill of not being able to breath.

Does this mean I enjoy (autoerotic) erotic asphyxiation?  To a degree, yes.  Not in the traditional sense that we’ve all read about where a person practices alone and ends up killing himself.  I have noticed that while I orgasm I do love some enjoyable, tolerable pain – I love Ryan’s dick thrusting as hard as he can in my pussy, ass, and throat during my orgasms.  In saying this, I believe I prefer this controlled suffocation as a form of tolerable pain.  I also believe the  difference lies: In reading (Ryan is not into erotic asphyxiation and doesn’t enjoy feeling lightheaded or being choked during sex/masturbation — so this article is based off things I’ve read about men and the pleasure they receive from autoerotic asphyxiation), men seem to enjoy the moments prior to an orgasm.    The lack of oxygen heightens their sense and creates a lightheaded feeling that seems to amplify their orgasms.  I’ve also read that the lack of oxygen will create a better erection.  In fact, asphyxiation was originally a treatment of erectile dysfunction.  It is said that during public hangings, some men would get erections, some even keeping these erects after death (death erections).   I do not enjoy erotic asphyxiation for any of those reasons.   For me, it’s not the moments prior, but the punishment to my body during the orgasm itself.  This punishment prolongs my orgasm and makes the feeling much more intense.  The idea of having a penis deep down my throat to the point I cannot breath turns me on and keeps my body tense and orgasmic.   The abuse and tension keeps me from wanting to breath, as I squeeze and release myself.   With my first breath, my body relaxes and the orgasm subsides.  That’s my reasons.

 To make things clear, I do not condone autoerotic asphyxiation.  Why? It’s a dangerous practice and no one in their right mind would condone that.

The Mysterious Case of Couches That Eat People

coucheatsI’ve recently learned that two of my friends, let’s call them Crystal and Milhouse, have unexplained external knee injuries, which they are calling “war wounds.”   I, being the concerned friend that I am, am worried about this situation.  The only real evidence I have gathered is that Crystal and Milhouse were together at the time of these injuries and they were both caused by two separate couches.  I know this may seem vague and sketchy to most of our readers, but I, being a pretend forensic scientist, think I have puzzled together this mystery.   Gathering as much evidence as I could, below I will describe what I think happened the night Crystal and Milhouse ended up with knee injuries (which both look somewhat like rug burn).

It was a dark, rainy night and Crystal was outside sitting in her car with a flat tire and no cell phone reception.  As she put her head on her steering wheel trying to figure out her next move, she sees a house with a dimly lit window in the distance.  Although she is wearing a thick coat, she decides taking it off would make more sense, because the rain water will make it much too heavy.  Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t wearing a bra and her white undershirt was skimpy with the words, “Yes, These Babies Are Real” on the front, and  “YOLO” on the back.  She knew she had no choice, so she removed her jacket.   Quickly she jumped out of the car and ran as fast as she could to the house with the dimly lit window.  The ground is extremely slippery and Crystal loses her footing and falls knee first to the ground, sliding about five feet.  As she slides, her thick pants slide off her waist.  She gets up, pants down around her knees and nipples poking through her soaked wet shirt. She rubs her knees.  Checking herself for injury, thankfully the pockets of her jeans had slid down to her knee area almost creating a knee pad-like protection.  Not a mark.

Her pants, however, were ruined.  The button was bent and the hip area now had holes.  Crystal thought quickly and knew she couldn’t run around holding up her pants, so she wisely removed them and headed to the house with the dimly lit window.   Soaking wet, with a see through white shirt that says “Yes, These Babies Are Real”, the back, “YOLO”, and Mickey Mouse panties, she makes it to the front patio.  She knocks on the door and a man holding a light saber in one hand and a Canon camera around his neck answers.   He looks Crystal up and down and introduces himself as Milhouse. Crystal, soaking wet explains that she has a flat tire and no cell phone reception.  Milhouse understands and invites her in.

As she walks in the living room she notices a few couches, one by the fireplace, the other near the window.  Milhouse asks if she wants to build a couch fort, but Crystal declines.   She says she just needs to use the phone.  Milhouse grabs the phone and tries to hand it to Crystal.  However, his light saber accidentally cuts off her white shirt that says, “Yes, These Babies Are Real” with “YOLO” on the back.  He apologizes profusely and offers to leave the room so she can make the call.  She nods and Milhouse turns around to exit the room.  However, his foot got tangled in the phone cord and he spins out of control.  In fact, he spun so hard his pants and shirt flew off.  He hits the floor hard, knees first.   Thankfully his underwear slid down just low enough to cover his upper thighs and knees so he didn’t hurt himself.  Now nearly nude, Milhouse excuses himself from the room.  Crystal calls her husband and explains to him the situation.  While she is on the phone, she notices the couch begins to rumble and move.  Frightened, she pulls off her panties and throws it at the couch.  The couch gobbles them up.  She screams and hangs up the phone.  Milhouse runs into the room and asks what’s wrong.  Before he can get an answer, he sees his couches, both of them, alive, possessed.  He yells for Crystal to get out as he himself charges the couches.   Milhouse dives, jumping on the couch like it was a live alligator.  Wrestling with the first couch, he stabs it with his light saber, tearing the cushions into shreds.  The second couch is chasing Crystal, who is now totally nude.   She screams and falls to the floor for no reason before she can get to the door.  Milhouse turns around and throws his camera at the couch, but misses and hits Crystal on her chest, more than likely leaving a bruise.  He hops off the first possessed couch that he just killed and runs to the second.  He takes off his underwear and tries to strangle the second couch, but it throws him across the room.  Millhouse lands onto a wooden chest, which pops opens causing dildos and pussy pumps to fly across the floor.  He gets up dizzy, also nude, and tries to grab Crystal.  Both of them, struggling, crawl to the doorway, hoping to escape.   The couch grabs them, both of their feet are now stuck in the cushions.  They scream, their knees scrape against the floor, now bleeding, pulling with their hands to get away.  Crystal kicks as hard as she can and the couch shrieks in pain letting them go.  They both get up and make it outside safe.  Nude, yes, but safe, with nothing but a war wound on their knees.

In my humble, forensic scientist opinion, this is probably how these “war wounds” occurred.

However, there are other options, such as they had sex and got couch burns/rug burns.  But I’d say that is a bit too far-fetched.

If anyone else can help with any sort of explanation, please feel free to reply.